I've found the Childlike Empress!

Okay, Wikipedia helped a little. But surely I can’t be the only one who’s wondered what she’s been up to. Apparently, she’s a dancer, and every bit as beautiful as she was in The Neverending Story. Check out hersite.

And as a sort of hijack - I found the IMDB link for Neverending Story and followed the link for the actor who played Atreyu, and it turns out we now know about how Rowling intends to end the Harry Potter series :smiley:

I think that I am in love.

Why, oh why did I have to look up Atreyu??

writes “I will leave well enough alone” 300 times on a chalk board

Oh my god-Harry Potter grows up to be Ben Stone?

malkavia, I yelped when I saw that. Oh. My. God. My childhood memories are scarred.

Childlike Empress, OTOH, turned out seriously hot. Good for her!

I noticed that odd coincidence a few years ago (for those too lazy to look, Noah Hathaway played a character called “Harry Potter” in the horridly misguided children’s movie Troll (1986)). I always wondered why it had never been at least mentioned, at least by a hipster movie nerd reporter.

I’m sorry. So sorry. Where has my oddly androgynous childhood crush gone?

At least the dragon he got tattooed on his bicep isn’t the Luck Dragon. 'Cause that’d just be too sad for words.