I've got a Golden Ticket!

Or, I will have in about 30 minutes!

I get to pick up my wonderful ticket to London in about half an hour. I’m doing the big trip to the other side of the world in less than 2 months & I’m desperate to get my hands on this ticket as it’s something concrete that I can hold and look at & love & proof that I’m actually going!

It’s now 30 days, 5 hours & 25 minutes until I leave the job I hate & 3 weeks later I leave the country to start a whole new adventure!

And tips or suggestions for life in the UK & Europe are more than welcome!

Mmmmm… It’s so papery and nice…

Such an expensive bit of paper & I’m glad that it’s all mine now!

30 days, 1 hour & 44 minutes now!


dances around the office

Can I come? I’ll be quiet and sit in the back and not bother anyone…


You can come along for sure!

I’m leaving from Darwin after a much deserved holiday up there, but you can meet me at any point on my trip.

If you wanna take photos too, you’re more than welcome (although I think that my Mum is going to be crying a lot & may not want photos of her to be taken)

I remember that feeling exactly. For weeks before I left Australia, every person I knew wanted to slap me upside the head just to get the perma-grin off my face.

It’s all worth it. This entire extended trip has been better than I could have ever hoped.

Don’t make eye contact with anyone on the Tube. Trust me on this.

Don’t ask for a “Juniorburger” in McDonalds. They’re just called “Hamburgers” over here.

If you’re here during the winter, buy some thermal underwear. Thermal Underwear Is Your Friend.

If you visit Westminster Abbey (which you definitely should), pay the extra £3 for the guided tour. It’s the best £3 you’ll spend in London.

Visit the Outer Hebrides.

And that’s about it. Have fun!

In the UK, not only do they drive on the other side of the road, they also walk on the “other” side. It takes some getting used to. In hallways, escalators, sidewalks, they walk on the left rather than the right.

Also, “Mind the gap.”

Well, Phaeton is an Aussie, so there should be no worries about driving on the (ahem) “other” side of the road.

But when it comes to escelators, watch out! Even though they drive on the left and overtake on the right, when it comes to escelators they stand on the right and overtake on the left. It’s very confusing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve absent-mindedly stepped on to a Tube escelator on the left-hand side, and stood there like a nong while an infuriated but too-polite-to-say-anything crowd queued up behind me.

Another tip: Don’t take the tube while in central London, when you can help it. The distances aren’t as far as you’ll think, and you won’t get a good orientation of the place until you’ve walked it.

Oh, yeah, and like Icarus said, don’t forget to mind the gap. That’s very important.

That should be “escalators”, not “escelators”. I’m sure you worked out what the word was supposed to be, but still… how annoying.

OK, I give. What’s a gap and why should one mind it?

still bouncing off the walls

Good Things!

  1. I’ve got my ticket for O/s
  2. The Comedy Festival starts tonight!
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. I get to hug my friends that I don’t get to see enough tonight
  5. I’ve got 17 full days at work left (& 18 sick days that I can use!)
  6. I’ve got my birthday in a week and a half
  7. I’ve got 2 going away parties planned
  8. I got an amazing haircut on the weekend & look fabulous for it all.

The grin that I’ve got going will take a whole lot to shift it & Life is Good!

And I will Mind the Gap. Definately. <writes “Mind the Gap” in my little book of tips>



You’re going to LONDON, and you’re excited?

Okay, whatever. I suppose the Chunnel can get you to Paris in a few hours once you start to freak out.

Bring a snack. Bring a whole huge suitcase of snacks. And a bottle of Tabasco sauce. A crate of bottles of Tabasco sauce.

I’m going to London & Edinburgh & Sweden & Poland & Holland & Ireland & wonderful places away from some of the shittier things in my life…

Of Course I’m Excited!

I am scared about the food in London though…

It will soon be summer here in London, bring warm clothing.

I recommend the London Eye, especially if the weather forecast is good, but book at least a day ahead and bring binoculars if you’re serious about going. I enjoyed it immensely.

If you’re into museums and art galleries, I can recommend heaps. If you’re into shows and musicals, try The Lion King – and definitely check out the Half-Price Ticket Booth in Leicester Square.

Don’t give money to mothers begging with children. Do consider buying The Big Issue from a licensed vendor – they’re all homeless or recently housed people trying to improve their lives (it’s one pound, but some people give a little extra). I’ll leave it to you whether you want to give money to buskers.

Things to Beware: Pickpockets/purse snatchers. Seriously. I tell everyone the same thing – don’t keep valuables in back trouser pockets or outside coat pockets, keep purses and bags closed and in front of you in crowded spaces (especially on the Tube), and keep an eye on your luggage on the way to and from airports.

And don’t eat at steak houses – their kitchens are usually extremely unhygienic.

Oh, and don’t forget to Mind the Gap. :slight_smile: