I've got a job!

I lost my last “real” job in April of 2008, and have spent the last 2 years and 4 months collecting unemployment, freelancing, and, since Feb. of this year (when unemployment ran out), doing FT temp (no benefits), first at the Census, then, starting in May, more lucratively doing copy-editing.

One of my regular freelance gigs has been writing articles on higher education for a local newspaper, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, for the last two years. A few weeks ago, my editor there said they were thinking about starting a web site, could I go over and talk to this other guy about the possibility of my doing some writing for that? Sure – so I mosey over … for what turned out to be not a meeting to throw around some story ideas, but a job interview – to be the content editor for the entire web site.

Imagine my astonishment.

Three nail-biting weeks later, just got back from a meeting with the company CEO, plus a couple of other people wandering in and out: it’s a go, we’ve agreed on a start date (Sept. 1st) and a salary (none of your business).

I’m freaking giddy, and no one is answering the phone.

I’ve got a job.

Not just “a job,” but a real job, a job that actually involves my talents and skills, and that will be fun and interesting and challenging and the opportunity to learn a whole hell of a lot of new stuff.

Thank you Jesus.

Congratulations - its nice to read some good news!!!

Congrats! Welcome back to the workforce full-time.

This is just what I neaded to read today! I won’t rain on your parade by sharing all the details, but on the career front things have been similar at my house. My sense of hope about it all has started to wear thin.

And up pops this thread offering hope and happiness. Best of luck in your new job. And extra congratulations on it being a real one.


That’s fantastic - congratulations, twicks!

Good for you.

That’s great! It seems like forever…

Yay, twickster! Congratulations.

Way to go, Twix! Great nws.

(I put an error in there so you could edit it and get back in practice)

Congratulations! That is fabulous news and I’m thrilled for you.

YAY, Twicks!!! Party at your place, right?? I’ll bring the bongos! :smiley:

hmmmm, where would I find bongos??

I’ve got bongos. (How could you doubt me?)

Congrats! Great news, especially that it’s a “real” job.:slight_smile:

I’m elated, but not in the least surprised. Congratulations on having your talents recognized!

Woohoo woohoo! Wishing you luck and joy in your new career! :slight_smile:

woo hoo!!! finest kind of news.

i hope you have fun coworkers and good food in the break room.


I’ll bring my didgeridoo!

Congrats, twicks!


(But now you have to commute. :smiley: )