I've Got a Tea Buzz Going On

I guess I can tell you, my new A1C is 8.6. But my doctor doesn’t seem concerned.

Anyway, I heard black tea is good for Type II Diabetes. So I’ve been drinking it by the gallon, figuratively and literally.

And I seem to have a good tea buzz going here.

I should tell you, I think cannabis should be legal. But I have never even tried that. I guess I can tell you, I have been drinking alcohol all my life (my parents always had it around). But I haven’t even had that in days.

Oh, and as long as I am at (posting all kinds of random thoughts at once :wink: ), I did want to run one by you all.

The ancient Greeks had this substance they called Nepenthe that was supposed to cause forgetfulness of pain and sorrow. Some thought it was appalling things like opium. But some people think it is the perfectly harmless Borage plant.

You can get Borage in an herbal store. But I have to tell you, any highness is purely subjective.

Would this make a good thread some day? And would it be appropriate? It does involve drugs, kind of. (But like I said, Borage is perfectly harmless. BTW Medieval folk thought Borage made men merry.)


If your A1C is 8.6 and your doctor isn’t concerned get a new doctor. You need an aggressive combination of drugs, diet and exercise to deal with this.

I agree with PastTense about needing a new doctor.

And tea being ‘good’ for diabetes? Hogwash, wishful thinking, delaying the inevitable.

Get that new doctor, diet, medication most likely if you aren’t already and exercise.

Tea is lovely. But it’s not a cure for anything other than thirst, mild fatigue and dry biscuits.

I likes my tea.
T1 diabetic since infancy.
Tea is of no use to my disease.

I agree about your A1C. You need to get that down, asap.

Never heard of borage

There is no magic potion or herbal quick fix to T2 Diabetes. Forget it. If there WERE, doctors would prescribe it for everyone.

How old are you? How much do you weigh? Do you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol? These are all factors when treating Diabetes. Because, REALLY, you are Diabetic.

Diabetes destroys retinas, blood vessels, nerves and kidneys. Beck’s got a kidney preserved in moonshine as a reminder to that last one. The earlier you start treating Diabetes, and the better you keep your A1C under control, the better life you’ll live.

You cannot trick it, confuse it, or deny it.

Run, don’t walk, to Amazon and order the book “The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes, An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed,” by Gretchen Becker.

And get a new doctor ASAP.


To quote Steve Minchin, “Do you know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine.”

Get thee to a better doctor. 8.6% is high enough to be seriously concerned.

I don’t what mine was when I was diagnosed (the blood sugar was 145 mg/dl) but as soon as I started taking metformin, the A1C got below 6% and has stayed there for 15 years. Last measured at 5.5%. I’ve also lost some weight; the metformin helps with that too. No one knows exactly why.

Interesting replies. Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: . But what about my Borage question?

WebMD states the there is ‘insufficient evidence’ that borage has uses treating diabetes. There are significant warnings about potential side effects and quite important ones warning about interactions with other common meds, including anesthesia. IOW, not a good idea any way you look at it.

Tim Minchin. Not to be confused with Steve Mnuchin, who is a lot less funny.

And I even put tim minchin storm into the YouTube search bar to find the damn thing.

Ah, well, 41 days to go – how long does it take to replace a Treasury Secretary instead?

Borage is not “perfectly harmless”.

"“Borage plant parts contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are toxic to the liver and lungs and possibly carcinogenic.”

When this herb is consumed in small quantities once in a while it might not be a problem. Drinking borage tea by the gallon would be asking for trouble.

Borage has nice blue flowers though.

Well, this seems to be the default thread to talk about my Type II Diabetes. (Moderators correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile: .)

I just talked to the doctor’s office. And the receptionist told me my A1C went up to 9.3. I haven’t made any changes for the negative. In fact all my recent changes have been for the positive.

Could it be due to another medication I take (I do take a lot of meds, for a variety of reasons). :slight_smile: