I've got aqua babies!

They’re so adorable! Have you guys seen these? They’re these tiny lucite aquariums that you put on your desk (or wherever) and they have little fishies and snails in them (they also come with frogs, but those kindof creeped me out for some reason). I have absolutely no clue what kind of fish they are, but they’re so cute! Check out their website.

I bought one for my desk at home and one for work. There are 3 fish and 1 snail in each aquarium. I need names for these critters. Anyone want to help me name them? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

I sure hope I don’t kill them all inside a week. If I do, I may be asking for assistance in planning their little funerals, too. Do they sell fish caskets anywhere?

These are so cool, Shayna. We’ll keep a positive attitude and assume they’ll live. (If they don’t, ask Demo about fitting words. Pierre, the ::shudder:: spider who lived beside his toilet just died.)

Snails are cute! Uh…would you consider naming him (her?) Escargot? Or Speedy? Or how about Winnebago; carries his home around w/ him?


Hey! All you people stop lurking and help me name my fish!

I’m a bit rusty in the tropical fish department, but I think they’re neon tetras. They won’t live long, but they can survive abuse (my sister had one that lived for months in the filter!)

I’d name them Poached, Baked, and Fried, but then, I have a sick sense of humour when naming pets. You could name the snail Garlic Butter.

Good luck!

Hi Veb! Thanks for the suggestions. I like Speedy for one of them (there’s 1 in each aquarium) because he really is fast, lemme tell ya. I thought snails were just supposed to hang around, stuck to the side and not really move much. This one little bugger was all over the place. He practically moved faster than the fish! So Speedy it is. Thanks!

Whoops, I’m not so good on fish. (Or infants; ask tatertot.)

Arthur Treacher? Mrs.–forgot her name; she’s the unlikely matronly icon for a frozen fish conglomerate.

Turbot Charged? Nasty Halibut? Finneas? Gil? Sticks? Nemo?

::pant, pant::

Somebody else help out here; I’m hypervenilating.





Suo Na, you are so funny! Ok, snail #2 is now named Garlic Butter. LMAO

And the fishies aren’t neon tetras. Those I’d recognize (they’re my favorite teeny fish). They’re either danios, guppies, white cloud minnows or barbs. I think one set are barbs and the others are white cloud minnows.

Thanks for helping me with names!

Go Veb! One of the little swishies is now named Ahab. I love it! Thanks!

Don’t give up on the frogs and crabs, they are adorable! Fish are scary and creepy.

We had a waterbaby crab for 8 months named Triple XXX (as in the live and crab medication. We called him Trip for short.) He just tipped over one day and was dead.

We also had a waterbaby frog for over a year named Prince. He wasn’t creepy at all, just really cute. He would stand on his rock on his back legs just like a person. He looked like king of the hill.

The reception desk at the physical therapist (these damn hands and their carpal tunnel, etc. . . ) has a waterbaby frog. I can’t leave the place without gagga-googoo-ing over him. He’s so cute.

If you like little critters, I can find you information on ordering a butterfly zoo, lady bug condos, and the frog beach house (okay, maybe not the frog). They aren’t the same as waterbabies, but they are still fun to have. We have them all. You can watch the butterflies little tongues unroll to drink pollen. It won’t be long until we let all of them go with the exception of the frog.

Since you’ve already picked a few names my idea won’t work but if it were up to me I’d name them all “George”. That way you don’t have to learn to tell them apart.

Or you could name him “Fish”, in honor of Hamilton Fish - former U.S. secretary of state (1869-77).

BTW, I did a search on “aquababies” and about a third of the hits were of this type. Enjoy your “torture chamber”! :smiley:

Hmm, if you hadn’t already named one of the fish, you could’ve done one group of 3 as Spot, Fido and Rover (or Rex? Spike?) and one group of 3 as Fluffy, Tiger and Butch (Or Morris? Sorry, there aren’t as many universal cat names. Tiger and Butch are often co-opted by dogs as it is.)

DIANE!!! I’m so glad you’re here. I was watching my weekly soaps tape last night and guess what I found on it? Monday night’s Ally, which was The Car Wash Guy - Part II! If you missed it and would like to have it, I’ll copy it onto a blank tape and send it to you. Let me know.

Now, about those frogs… Frogs don’t creep me out in and of themselves. I like frogs. I just couldn’t stand seeing them swimming and swimming and swimming and never being able to sit on a rock and relax. It just bothered me, that’s all. I’d LOVE to know more about the butterflies, though. Thanks!

Soapbox, thanks for posting that fascinating link. But what kind of nonsense was that? LOL First of all (and yes, I know you didn’t say you agreed with them, so I’m not directing this to you, but to them, or those who would agree) these fishies aren’t being tortured. A 10 gallon tank is WAY too big for 3 teeny tiny, itty bitty fish. I mean these things are practically microscopic they’re so small. Sheesh - what some people won’t try to distort.

I like the idea of naming them all George. I even like the name George, too. So henceforth, the 3 fishies that are in the aquarium that will be going to my office will be known as George, George & George. Thanks! :smiley:

Fish in “AquaBabies” tanks tend to be guppies (multicoloered males and drab brown females) and young zebra danios (black and white striped). They are hardy species that should do okay in the tank.

Be sure to change water about once a week or so; without filtration, it will get really icky quickly. Treat the new water with AmQuel to remove lethal chloramine and chlorine.

Now, fish names: Bagera, Oreo, Triton, Stripes? Any of those work? (My fish’s names are Happy, Oliver, Edith, Archie, Meathead, Fezzig, Draco, Falkor, Boris, Krusty and Garfield.)

Shayna! I used to name a lot of fish (my parents are marine biologists) Swimmy, but howzabout in honor of our swimmingnest poster: Swiddles. Ahab is a good 'un. To add to that:

Tuna Meowt (heh, this is my next cat name)
Joe- just a goodamn name
Guinness- cuz he’s tanked

That’s all fer now, more may pop into my skull later.

I was going to suggest you name the fish after the husbands on the SDMB message board that you “reeled in”.

As for the snails, don’t snails start as females and end up as males, or vice versa? Or am I thinking of some other mollusk? If so, I was going to suggest “David Joel”, after someone who’s “handle had fallen off” (clearly I’m having a problem with that visual):


Don’t let Mew get to close to George[sup]3[/sup]!

You could always name one after me. Or, if you want some good names, you could name them the typical Simpsons prank call names (Ivanna Tinkle, Hugh Jass, Amanda Hugginkiss, I. P. Freely, etc.)

Or you could name one Dammit (Here’s some food, Dammit! Eat your food, Dammit!)

Or, you can have one’s name spelled “Hebxxrektidi11123zxxkdoroopdlss323vvbxqwewla” and pronounce it “Tim”.

Uh oh…I’m scaring myself again…time to end this post before I start suggesting even worse names.

I hope you find the perfect names, Shayna!

See the first line of my above post–I already suggested this.

I’ve got your back–both of ours, actually.

Wouldn’t want to know which of us draws the snail, though. Or for that matter, the runt of the litter.

“I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.”
“Why, as men do a-land; the great ones eat up the little ones”
–Pericles, Act 2, scene i

hey, don’t mind if the snail does get named Soul. :slight_smile:
cause the soul don’t need to be in any hurry. it’s everlasting :smiley:

or Kermit. that’s always a cute name for a frog or a snail.

I’ve always been partial to the name “Purina” for a fish. Seems appropriate, somehow.