I've got the hippy hippy shakes

Ok. My husband says I’m insane.

Chorus: What’s new?

I think I’m falling apart.

Chorus: What’s new?

Every single time I eat a meal…any meal at all…about five to ten minutes following the meal, I get the shivers.

Bear with me folks:

I’m talking uncontrollable shivers like my teeth are chattering, I’m freezing, my whole body is shaking to the point that it hurts my back. It’s like I’m standing outside in a blizzard, and it’s happened twice already today.

I know they say that your body’s like a furnace…and you fuel it with food. Makes me wonder why I get so cold after eating. I will say that it doesn’t happen SO much in the summer or spring…but in the winter, it’s a killer.

Does anyone in the whole world experience this but me?

and more importantly…

am I dying?

Chorus: :rolleyes:


probably not dying… but messed up for sure! …seriously… whats wrong with you?

I once asked my husband if he thought I should see a psychologist because I’m a borderline hypochondriac.

he said, and I quote:

“baby, there’s plenty of stuff wrong with you…but there’s nothing a doctor can do about it.”

he’s a real gem.


Jeepers. Here it’s just a long dull Monday afternoon, and maybe I’ll do a Google search for Jarbaby, nothin’ better to do. “Shivering eating”. Lo and behold, what pops up but this, on a bulimia website (what came up with the words “shivering” and “eating”):

Okaaayyy… “serotonin syndrome”.



So, my first question is, what kind of medications are you currently taking?

If you’re not taking any psychotropic medications, maybe it’s just a naturally occurring “serotonin syndrome”. When you eat, it releases serotonin. All about serotonin.

Start paying more attention to exactly what was in the meal you just ate that gave you the shivers. High carb? Low carb? Different foods can affect people differently.

Also, do you get the shivers after eating a meal after fasting for a while?

And, um, you prolly already thought of this, but did you just eat something cold? :smiley:

And finally, what came up under “serotonin shiver”. More neat stuff for the hypochondriac to worry about. :slight_smile:



I love the Internet. :slight_smile:

Oops, sorry, I left out a couple of cites.


So, you’ve got low serotonin to begin with, and you eat a high-carb meal, and it throws your body temp regulation system out of whack, and you get the shivers.

Duck Duck…really…why do you insist on being so half assed and lazy about things? :smiley:

Thanks for all of those links. I don’t take any meds currently…when I was in college i was prone to fasting and unfortunately had a bout with bulimia… ::shaking fist:: CURSE YOU COSMOPOLITAN! I’ve always been a sort of extremist when it comes to dieting…I’ll eat nothing but rice for three days, or go on a juice fast, take colon cleansers… before I got married I would puke every meal up for days…

My abnormal psych professor told me that as long as I gargled with water afterwards, ‘mild bulimia’ wasn’t really a big deal.

I think I’ll send him some of these sources.

btw…I actually noticed the worst shivers this weekend after eating very spicy mexican food… :smiley:

thanks for your help!


p.s. HEY! I just realized something else. my doctor told me many years ago that I may have low seratonin because I’m so easily affected by the weather…cloudy, dark days level me, and sunny, happy days give me energy! That could be it!