I've had a pretty awful 10 hours or so.

I was feelin’ pretty good last night. I won some money in poker, hung out with some good friends, had a fantastic time. On the way home, I got pulled over. I had a headlight out. I knew it was out and had been for a while. It’s hard to get too upset over that. The officer asked for my license and insurance card. I dug around in the glovebox but was unable to find it. My excuse was that my car had been robbed from a week or 2 prior and all the contents of my glovebox/center console were thrown around the car. It either got lost or stolen along with the CDs. I’m not sure. The officer asked for proof that my car was broken into. I pointed to the huge hole where my stereo used to be. He seemed content with that.

He wrote me warnings for the headlight and insurance card. I was pretty happy about that. Those are the first written warnings I’ve ever had. I shrugged that off and headed home.

I opened the door to my house, expecting to be greeted by my chilly, air-conditioned air. Instead, it was hotter inside than outside. And it was 95 outside. I put my hand over one of my vents, sure enough, its blowing hot air. But its late and I’m tired and I can deal with it later, I figure. I go to bed, sleeping not-so-well in this heat.

I wake up this morning in ridiculous heat and got ready for work, trying my best not to sweat all over my work cloths. Mission failed. I hop in my car and head for work. 3 blocks later, I see flashing lights. Again. I was hoping and praying he’d fly by me when I pulled over, but that was not in the cards.

He gave me a 72 hour remittance ticket, which I had never heard of until I got one, because I had a new style of plates on the back of my car, with the old-school version on the front. Another cop told me this was perfectly legal, but this cop told me it wasn’t. That made me arrive late to work for the first time since I’ve been here and put me in a pretty awful mood. I’m usually a “cup is half-full” kinda guy, but this has been a shitty 10 hours. At least its the weekend (where I get to sit in my 100 degree house all day long. Did I mention it’ll be over 100 this weekend?)

Fix the AC asap. I’m in Phoenix, so I don’t need to hear about HEAT. But fix that AC, people are dropping like flies here.
As for the tickets. Bad things happen in cycles. I got two tickets in two weeks that landed me in Mandatory Driver Re-Education. I’m not a bad driver, just in the wrong place at the wrong time…twice!