I've just discovered unhomogenized milk. Yummy!

It recently came to my attention that the pricey organic milk sold at my local co-op is not homogenized (processed so that the cream won’t separate). That and I’d heard the praises sung of milk sold in glass bottles rather than cardboard or plastic; so I finally decided to spring for a half-gallon. WOW, this stuff is good! It’s like the difference between home-baked bread and Wonderbread. The two dollar-a-gallon premium is a bit daunting, but for the occasional splurge I’d recommend it to anyone who wants their food to taste like food.

But did it taste better because is was not pateurized either?

Thread title + OP-er’s name = one grossed out and slightly confused exastris.

Holy cow! A gallon of plain old 2% milk here is almost $3! I’d be tickled if I could find milk for $2 a gallon. My kids might actually get it more than once a month if that happened.

I think Lumpy meant $2 on top of the regular price of milk. He/She did say $2 premium. That would put it at around $5 a gallon around here.

Actually, unhomogenized milk does come in pasteurized and un-pasteurized varieties. At least, it did at the local grocery near my uni. I miss that.

Oh, dear Og, you *like * that stuff? That stuff is vile! Bleh! (insert pukey smiley).

Yes, I do remember the good ol’ days when the family would fight for the “top milk” which was the cream that had risen to the top.

I also remember when the milkman would deliver the milk and for whatever reason, it would end up standing outside in the sun for while, bleck! would it go rancid!

Yep. I recently discovered VAT (low temperature, longer time) pasteurized, non-homogenized milk.

Finally, milk I like even without baked goods to make it go down easier! That stuff’s damn yummy. Now I finally know why humans keep drinking the stuff (which I previously thought was vile.)

The adults in my family still say this when I peel the cream off hot tea or milk - “When we were your age, we *loved * that stuff! We’d put it in a bowl, and put sugar in it.” Uh, yeah, Mom, but it wasn’t 2 % pasteurized milk from the grocer’s, now was it?