I've never been so proud of not watching network TV.

Sometimes I get it right.

I saw one episode of the first season of Survivor. I saw where this was going.

I have never watched a single minute of:
any subsequent Survivor series.
*Big Brother
The Weakest Link
Fear Factor
The Chair
Are You Hot
Who Wants to Marry… Anyone

I take pride in not watching these, or any others of these bizarre “reality” contest shows

But I am as capable of hypocracy as anyone else. I admit to a sick fascination for The Osbournes.

But I feel kind of dirty about it.

I can top that. I have never watched any of those you mentioned, and as well never watched a single episode of Friends. There are others I have never watched, but I’ll have to check back.

I can top both of you. I’ve never seen Seinfeld, Friends, ER, West Wing, Weakest Link, Trading Spaces, Alias, Buffy, CSI, Osbournes, Enterprise, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno or Jerry Springer. Or any of the others mentioned above.

But I will admit to my own sick fascination: So Graham Norton.

We don’t have TV reception at our place, and we are too cheap to get cable or buy an antenna. Are we missing much?


My shunning of television is rather well known. You’re all just gettin’ started.