I've Now, Officially, Seen Everything

A quick tour of CNN.com has been good for seeing unbelievable things over the last week. This story, however, http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/meast/09/20/gen.iraq.saddam/ , tops anything I think I’ve ever seen.

Saddam Hussein has offered humanitarian aid to the United States. Sure, he did it in his usual jerkish fashion, quote:

**Saddam said the offer was “for humanitarian reasons and not for the American government.”

His statement added: “Yes, the hand of God is on the arrogant and the oppressor, but that does not change our concern for people.” **

but that just strikes me as too weird to even really process.

Interesting times.


That’s the biggest kettle-pottian statement I’ve ever heard!

I just laughed my ass off on the irony…

Did we accept??


6 goats and an '86 Le Mans he had in his front yard

So it was a pig that just flew past my window! I thought I was losing it.

To the best of my knowledge, you have never seen my penis. So it ain’t official yet.


[sub]I could be wrong. Is that you, Andrea?[/sub]

Hey, you never know. There were a lot of pictures taken at ChiDope that haven’t surfaced yet.

So THAT’s what those fuzzy pictures that showed up in my inbox were all about…


Clarification noted.

Now say thank you to Mr. Hussein like nice little boys and girls.

Maybe he is sincere.


Actually, it looks like help wasn’t offered, but rather if we asked, then maybe, just maybe Saddam would see what he can do.

Hey, did it just get really cold down here, or is it just me? Signed, Lucifer

His idea of humanitarian aid , would be all the hamburger he could ship from Great Britian. He would also send each person a check for one dollar saturated with Ebola virus.