I've only been dressing myself for 25 years...

… I obviously need more practice.

It is 7pm and I have just discovered that I have been walking around all day with my T-shirt on back to front.

Fortunately, what with it being winter, I had a sweater over the top, which was the right way round, but still. :smack: I only discovered this when I felt an itch on my neck and realised the T-shirt label was poking out above the neck of my sweater. How long it had been like this, I do not know.

Ooooh. I’ve got one too: When I was a student I once walked around in a new pair of jeans, not realizing that the long sticker with the size printed all over it was still stuck to the back of one of the legs. And this was in one of my not-so-pleasantly-plump phases :frowning: Everyone who saw me that day (at the largest university in America, I might add), knew what size I was wearing and knew that I obviously couldn’t dress myself properly. It wasn’t until I got to work that afternoon that one of my co-workers pointed it out.

Just last night I took my husband out to dinner for his birthday. I was sitting there talking to him, idly playing with my sweater’s sleeves, when I realized - oh, crap! It’s on inside out! I jumped up, went to the bathroom, and turned it right side out, but apparently it was too late. The college students behind me had been staring at the back of my neck and whispering all through dinner, and now my husband knew why. We both left the restaurant laughing our asses off.

I, too, need more practice. I once realized midway through class that hey, my shirt is on backwards! Luckily, I had a jacket I’d kept on thus far, so it wasn’t really evident. And, well, in my defense, it was a 9 AM class…

About 3 weeks ago I came to work with my sweater on inside out. I walked around that way for a little over an hour till I stopped in the ladies room and as I glanced in the mirror I wondered why the buttons on the front of my sweater looked funny. It then hit me that I had it on inside out. I don’t know if anyone noticed, if they did they said nothing to me. But nevertheless I felt pretty dumb :o

I once walked into a job interview, with the VP of Operations no less, with my fly open. :smack:

So, it rained on friday. I wore my tan track pants on friday.

apparently, my tan track pants become less…opaque… when they get wet.

I once wore two different shoes to work. The two pairs were close enough in design that I was unable to distinguish them in the morning. I didn’t even realize it until I had gotten to work.

I have caved after nearly a year of lurking, and paid up, just to join this thread! (There have been a number of threads that have called me to join recently…)

I am an English teacher, and have an odd day when I teach toddlers at 9am and then change, rush to my car and teach 18 year olds two hours later.

As well as going from “Give me the red apple” to “Do you think that Japan Japan apologise for war crimes?” which is unsettling enough, I have had one or two shameful moments.

After the toddler class, I have about 7 minutes to change and get into the car or I’ll be late for the high school class.

First when one teen asked my why my feet were green (I was wearing sandals, and we’d just been doing paint food and handprints with the toddlers - I thought I’d washed it all off!)

And second, a rather nice looking young man shyly informed me that I hadn’t done my blouse up right - I looked down and realised that he was getting quite an eyeful as I bent down to correct his essay…

I went for an interview my senior year of college. I wore a wrap skirt. Just as the interview was ending, I looked down. The skirt had unwrapped. Luckily I was wearing a slip underneath.

And yes, I did get offered the job. No, I did not take it.


I left my cheap-o — I mean VALUE — Disney hotel room to get coffee (no coffee maker in the cheap-o — I mean, VALUE – rooms) I exchanged pleasantries over my shoulder with the guy next door who was out for his morning smoke, you know, we griped a little about having to leave the room to get the first cup, and I was strolling by the crowded swimming pool before I realized that my fuschia panties were tagging along under the hem of my shorts.

But I’m not new to this sort of thing. Years ago, while striding down a Manhattan street, I noticed that my blouse was misbuttoned. So I stopped, bent over, and used the reflective window of a parked car guide my re-dress. Then I looked beyond my narcissistic image and noticed a guy sitting on the other side of the glass.

A few days ago I took the dogs out in the backyard with my sweatpants on backwards. Luckily I realized it before I ventured out in public.

Years ago, while doing job interviews with 10 strangers, I sat with them in a side room while waiting for my private interview. I looked down to see that, during this long day of interviews and walking, my skirt had worked its way around until the zipper and kick pleat were in the front. Nowhere near a bathroom or privacy, I stood up and said, “I’m sorry, but I’ve *got * to fix this!” and squirmed the skirt back around right.

I’ve had to take conscious control of getting dressed from the automatic processes of the brain to avoid forgetting trousers entirely.

I walked to the bus stop, got the bus into town, and walked the estra fifteen minutes into work with a rather sexy stocking hanging from the velcro part of my bag.
In the two hours I was out with it, not one person wolf whistled. I’m used to getting a much better reaction when I show that much stocking.

Yeah, I walked out of the house wearing two different boots a couple weeks ago.

PRAISE BE that I noticed it before I got to the bus stop. I have a long commute to work and there is no way I could have just dashed home quickly to get the right boot.

Just today, as I was walking into work, I realized my shirt was inside out.

One time last year, I realized in the midst of my hour-long drive that I was wearing two completely different shoes. I had only turned a small light on while dressing so as not to wake my husband. Fortunately, himself was going to be in the neighborhood of my workplace anyway and he brought me the other halves of the shoes!

One of the funniest things I’ve experienced on the other side of this sort of thing was during a presentation by a rather pompous consultant at a company I used to work for. The underwear sneaking out the front of his unzipped designer trousers, in front of an audience, was the white-with-red-polka-dots type that you usually see in comics.