I've read the bible......

It’s a pretty straightforward question I suppose.


Maybe not as straightforward as you think?
'cuse I don’t get it - was this supposed to be a poll?


I’m not quite familiar with polling…

Working now I hope…

Whoo-hoo! First vote!

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Should read “haven’t read it AT all”

That’s better!

I’m one of the “not cover to cover, but pretty knowlegeable” votes mostly because I skipped over the who-begat-whom sections.

Not sure exactly where I fit in. I’ve read it up through Isaiah. (I picked “not cover to cover but pretty knowledgeable”.)

I’m not sure how to answer… I’ve been reading it all my life, in Sunday school, church, para-church groups, Bible studies, college classes where I minored in Religious Studies. Multiple translations. I own at least 5 Bibles and various commentaries.

There are parts of the Bible I have read innumerable times, over and over again. But it’s not really a book that lends itself to reading cover-to-cover. I don’t recall the last time I read Zephaniah, and I don’t think I could tell you the difference between Amos and Nahum without looking it up as a refresher. On the other hand, I might be able to recite John chapter 1 or a couple of Psalms by memory.

So what should I answer?

i think the “pretty knowledgeable” section will encompass a pretty wide swath of knowledge.

I read it from cover to cover over a period of time. Many times I felt my eyes were glazing over. There were some interesting and quotable portions. Much was repetitive and boring. I continue to be amazed at those who purport to explain the words as if they were present when it was written.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up.

If only R. Crumb would illustrate the rest, as he has Genesis, I’d read it cover to cover.

Err, none of those.

I had to read parts of it for a class on Judaism in college.

I’ve read the Old Testament six times, and the New Testament nine times. Even the begats.

About two years back, our whole church read the whole Bible cover to cover in a year. And we just finished the E100 challenge for the ELCA.


I clicked “Haven’t read it at all”, since the “Tried reading it once to help me fall asleep in a hotel room with a broken TV” option wasn’t available.

I’m in the process of reading through it in two years. I wasn’t sure what to click.

Does any version count? I’ve read six different ones to date.

What version does the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance count as?


This is how I read most of the Bible.

Read it cover to cover a couple of times, but retained almost none of it. The vast majority of it is mind-numbingly boring. As a cohesive narrative it’s the worst POS I’ve ever read. I do enjoy the irritable, vengeful, smite-y Old Testament God though.