I've Seen It All--Westboro Baptist Church(edited title-sc)

I’ve seen a correspondence on the Internet where the Westboro Baptist Church ends up taking the more “tolerant” position in a debate. Yes you heard it right. Basically the debate was between Ben Phelps (a hyper-Calvinist) and Marc D Carpenter who doesn’t think Calvin went far enough on whether Calvinists who are tolerant of Arminians are saved or not: http://www.outsidethecamp.org/efl251.htm

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MOved, and I edited the title to tell people what you have seen.

samclem Moderator

“Really? Have you seen a man eat his own head? So then you haven’t seen everything…”

/TAWP Sorry. :slight_smile:

But, yeah, the WBC being the more tolerant in a debate… crazy.