I've seen people throw away pennies, but this is new...

I stopped at the ATM on my way to work this morning, and something shiny on the ground caught my eye. It was a British 20 pence coin. Minted in 2002. I live in a suburb of Detroit; how it got here, I cannot imagine. It’s about the size of a nickel, but with an odd heptagonal (7-sided) shape.

It’s pretty cool find. I just wanted to share.

Fun fact about the shape- it’s an equilateral curve heptagon- that is, it’s the same diameter all the way round, even though it doesn’t really look like it can be.

It means it works in slot machines properly, and also is handy for confusing people in pubs.

I got an East Caribbean States quarter in my change once. I offered to mail it back to my friend in Bequia, or even better, go there and deliver it ion person, but for some reason that didn’t go over well…

I found a 20p coin in the airport last month just after I’d interviewed for a new job. I got the job, so I figured it was a good luck sign. So keep that coin!

I’ve found that it’s really hard to exchange foreign currency, unless you live in the middle of a big city. You can’t just walk in to any bank and make an exchange and rarely can you even walk in to your own local bank branch where you have an account and make an exchange.

Was very nice of the person to pass it along.

In 2008, some six years after the introduction of the euro currency, I found a Greek 5-drachma coin on the street in Leiden, Netherlands. It might be worth about 1.47 euro-cents if I could get to a Greek bank and trade it in.

That will be the older design 20p coin with a nice rose and crown image on the back - the new ones, although clever, aren’t very pretty (because they are part of a jigsaw).

I once found a 10 euro note in the foyer of my New Jersey apartment building. I thought that was a bit weird.

I’ve also found European coins in the US, including a Swedish 20 or 25 cent (obviously Swedish equivalent-kronor?) coin. I think the proximity to New York City brings a lot of European currency into play.

I once found a pebble on the beach that looked like George Bush, but I lost it.

Now I’m looking for one like George Michael. Or Boy George. Or George III. I really don’t care. It’s all good.

I found a British coin once. It was next to an oddly scrawled note saying that if I folllowed a course to LAT Degrees 51 Minutes 28 Seconds 16.0284 , LON Degrees -0 Minutes 5 Seconds 16.4076 that I would find… Treasure Island!

I figured it was just a scam to sell fake Xmas trees…