I've started Hookin' again.

(Yer gonna half to enter and scroll down for the sordid truth.)

Crochet that is.
I’m working my courage up from beyond potholders to possibly a hat with big fat chunky yarn. I want to really learn to knit, but I don’t think I am Zen Enough for it.

I threw my crochet hooks into a drawer in utter disgust years ago as I reached my potholder saturation point and turned my back on the Stitch & Bitch generation that has evolved since then.
But the allure and texture of all the purty yarns…just sing to me…and all those damn sales at Joann’s…so, I fell off the wagon and bought a skein of Boheimian SomethingOrOther that causes all wimmen who touch it to practically orgasm on the spot.

Today, I hauled my rocking chair (and pony foot rest) up from the basement and attempted the hat. Right now, it looks more like some bizarre nipple sheild for a Unaboober, but that is what I get when I watch MST3K and do something other than a square.

I feel so weak.
It’s going to be a long winter.

" Boheimian SomethingOrOther that causes all wimmen who touch it to practically orgasm on the spot."

Um, if you’ve got any extra of that stuff, you can probably make some money from me and a few of the other doper guys. Make a sweater out of it for me and name your price. You know, if you wanna go into business or somethin’. :wink:

And here I was hoping this would be a thread about rugby.

I thought she sang the catchy part of club rap songs.

I thought she was a closet Shatner fan.

It was conceivable she was talking about her basketball arc shot.

I thought she was dressing up as Pan’s arch-enemy. AGAIN!

Beleive me, I wish I could knit or crochet better, then I’d make thongs for wimmen and codpeices for men.

If you can crochet an identifiable potholder you’re ahead of me! I’ve got about 4 different books, but I still can’t seem to get the hang of it. I think I’ve got too much tension (in my yarn, too! :slight_smile: ), complicated with my chronic left-handedness. Got any encouragement?

FTR, I’m usually pretty good at fiber-crafts. I’m a fidgety person who has to have her hands busy at all times. I’ve successfully completed latch-hooked rugs (that’s what I thought the thread was about…), needlepoint, crewel embroidery, counted cross-stitch, lucet, card-weaving and even kumihimo-braiding, but crochet just escapes me somehow.

Any suggestions?

Learn to relax. Maybe drink and crochet. :smiley:

Sorry about your left handed disability. I wouldn’t last one week as a leftie.