I've survived a month without television

A month ago, my television, which had been on its last legs for a while, finally died. I bought it some time in the late 1980s, so it was fairly elderly. I actually don’t watch a great deal of television, so I decided that, rather than rushing out and buying a new one, I’d wait for a while and see whether I missed not having one.

A month later…and I don’t miss it at all. I’m surprised how easily I’ve adapted to not having one. I’ve decided that I won’t bother replacing it.

I moved into my apartment about two months ago and while I have a TV (loaned to me from Gr8Kat at her insistance), I’ve not plugged it in and just use it as a table to sit my stereo (also on loan) on.

I do still watch some TV though. Depending on how busy I am at work, it can be as little as five hours a week (an hour of DS9 each day) to practically forty hours a week.

If it weren’t free and right there in front of me, I wouldn’t bother though. My television addiction of my childhood and teen years has been replaced by my adult internet addiction.

If I had to, I could live without cable. My TV is almost always on, but it’s more background noise than anything else. I only watch a handful of new shows, most everything else is Nick at Nite and TV Land. I’d still need a TV for my console games, though.

I have a television, but I rarely watch it. I turned it on for about an hour three weeks ago, and I turned it on for another hour about a month before that. I watch maybe 30-60 minutes of TV in an average month, and it’s just the Simpsons, for the most part.

Now, I just have to turn off the computer. :smiley:

I never watch TV. I really wasn’t into it in the first place, but my roommate last year watched the damn set from the moment she woke up to the moment she went to bed. I got sick of it. This summer I only watched the occasional Reno 911 episode. I haven’t watched any TV at all since I’ve gotten back to school. I don’t miss it one bit.

Glad to see you’ve joined the good side, Cunctator. :cool:

This summer, my roommate and I didn’t turn on the TV for three weeks. I almost forgot it was there.

Lately I have been watching less than two hours of TV a week. Lest that seem noble, rest assured that I am making up the time on the internet.

I never watch anything on TV, either, except during dinner with my wife. I was poor for the whole 1980s and had no TV, so I got right out of the habit. With only a handful of exceptions, whatever’s been on since the 1970s, I haven’t seen it. This is my TV now!

I went a week without t.v, that same week I also did’t have internet access. I was bored as hell.

I used to be online with the TV for background, but now i just use music for background so now i watch about 4 hours a week tops, usually comedy stuff on the BBC. I don’t miss all the stuff i used to watch really.

My first year in University I was without televison during term time (10 weeks at a time) each time I soon got used to being without (read a LOT of books). On the whole, I prefer television to remain an option, but I can do the abstinence thing too at need.

We’ve been without cable for over two years now, and aside from the SciFi channel I haven’t missed it. Well, and “The Daily Show.”

If you don’t count DVDs, I’d say I watch about an hour of TV a month. DVDs though…we’ve recently gotten my eldest interested in “Babylon 5” and have watched through the first two seasons, ending last night. We don’t own season 3. I think I’m going to cry.

Interesting to see how many people have replaced TV with the internet. Same here, I’m online all day every day, maybe 1-2 hours of TV per day.

Not just online. I spent probably 3-4 hours per day online and playing off line video games. Work adds another 5 hours to my online time a day :smiley:

My TV no longer has sound so I use it to play DVDs off my indepenent 5.1 audio system. I watch, on average, 1 DVD a week.

If it wasn’t for DVDs, I’d watch no TV.

TV watching has mostly been replaced by the internet. Ordinarily, I’d still use a TV for console games and DVDs, but since my computer has a DVD player, and since I’m not playing any next-gen console games until I beat Chrono Trigger (ZSNES), I haven’t touched the TV in weeks.