IYHO, what stories never failed to mention unnecessary details about the heroes

I can recall a past thread I created about works that stand just fine on their own. However, the creator added more detail that no one needs to notice, but which added to the enjoyment of people who caught the little details.

Well, know I am looking for something completely different. What fictional series had a certain concept, then layered needless layers or inconsequencal details upon it? While this is a matter of opinion, I should clarify that these are detail that amuse or interest practically no one. I am not talking about the fact that the series Knight Rider was canon to the series Star Trek. No, I am talking about the fact that:

All I can recall of this series what that each episode never failed to remind us that the hero was once know by a different name, and is now presumed dead. That seems to be a weak attempt to use the cool factory of heroes like The Spirit, who actually had his headquarters in a graveyard. Much more relevant. Granted, others here might tell me it truly was relevant. Nonetheless, what details do you, the reader, think were just layered on, for whichever series or story? I am looking for examples from all kinds of fiction, not just the mediums I mention in the example, btw.