J Edgar Hoover's grave

According to Cecil’s column Was J. Edgar Hoover a cross-dresser?, the former FBI director is buried next to his longtime companion Clyde Tolson. findagrave.com has a picture of Hoover’s grave, which appears to depict a family grave with no Tolson buried there. Did Tolson manage to snag the next spot (which seems unlikely since this grave appears to have existed since long before Hoover’s death) in the Congressional Cemetery? Is there another John Edgar Hoover born in 1895 and dead in 1972 with a reason to have the FBI seal on his grave? Was his body moved?

The cemetery website says Hoover is buried at R20 S117 and Tolson at R20 S156. Exactly how close they are I don’t know. According to that page Tolson is “Said to be buried at this site because it was the closest he could get to Hoover.”

Not exactly “side by side” as Uncle Cecil stated…

Press reports at the time of Tolson’s funeral said “50 feet from Hoover’s grave.”