J-pop band Perfume is going on a US tour and I just got tickets

J-pop girl group Perfume, specializers in EDM, are going on a US tour in the spring. I just scored tickets to their San Jose show.

This probably doesn’t mean much to most of you, but they are amazing and, being from Asia, they don’t come to the States often.

I think I know what K-pop is. Is J-pop from Japan?

Yes, J-pop is from Japan. There are subtle differences in style between J-Pop and K-Pop, largely because Japan is a much bigger country than South Korea so there isn’t as much pressure for international success.

I happen to love K-Pop too, as my signature shows, but that’s another story.

My lil’wrekker and her friends love anything Japanese. I am.gonna ask her about it. I know they love K-pop. 18-19 year olds.