I’ve started a thread about this before, but it seems that the shoot-down of the missionary plane in Peru was not merely an accident, but an incident of gross negligence, at the least.

The person(s) responsible should be be charged with negligent homicide, much as I think the sub commander who sank the Japanese trawler should have been.

It seems the U.S. is too ready to abscond from resposibility for the fuck-ups of its minions, and this must stop!

If you started a thread about this before, why are you starting another one? Just curious…

RE: the sub accident, at least the US didn’t hold the survivors from the Japanese boat hostage and demand an apology!

Seizing the boat itself, of course, was more or less out of the question…

I wasn’t referring to the spy plane in China, dipshit!

You really need to keep up better on current events if you going to reply here, ignoramus!

Ignorant slut?? I’m not ignorant! :mad:

As for the slut part, [sleezy lounge singer]How YOU doin’, ladies?[/sleazy lounge singer]

Daemon, you wrote:

So, umm… what makes you think that I thought you were talking about the other incident (which took place in CHINA involved NO missionaries and was NOT a shoot-down!)?


Now, answer the question: if you have already started a thread about this, why are you starting another?

Because he’s an idiot?