Jack Chick on Prozac: happybunny Christian comics

Supermen angels! Two-headed men! Australian apostles! Yes, it’s Jesus Christian’s Comics, translating the Bible for the seriously fluff-headed.

I got handed one of these comics the other day by an fresh-faced young fellow standing outside the train station. He asked for a penny in repayment; I gave him one just for the entertainment value.

The one I have doesn’t seem to be on the website; it’s called The “G” Word and is (extremely loosely) based on the Gospel According to John. Highlights include:

  • Lots of people with smiley-faced heads (Oh no! God is really Boss Smiley!)

  • Black-faced smiley-faced people with Uncle Remus accents (“My great grand daddy made dis here well! Y’all think you can do bettah dan dat?”)

  • The following exchange at the Wedding in Cana:
    Woman: “Woe is me! Woe is me! The caterers are late, and we’re out of drinks!”
    Jesus: “Keep your knickers on, woman! I’m not dead yet, you know!”

  • A bulletproof Jesus

  • The following exhange in front of the temple:
    Random person: Is that blind man being punished for his sins?"
    Jesus:: Of course not! God will use his handicap to teach us something."
    (Later, we see the man’s guide dog begging on the street.)

  • Buzz Lightyear in Hell (I shit you not)

  • Circumcision performed with a fork

Frankly, these people frighten me.

Not sure what variety of Christianity these folks are, but some of what they have to say is quite refreshing; for example:

As far as I can tell they’re “Jesus Christians” (as opposed to who – Buddha? Joseph Smith? Pat Robertson?), and they’re based in Australia. I’ve never encountered them before this week.

They’re not the scary one in campper vans who want to give people their kidneys are they?

That’s probably another group of Jesus Christians.

The Jesus Army? They’re scary.

It’s the same guys; there was a live kidney donation link on the homepage of the site above.

Band name!!! :slight_smile:

I read (the “fair dinkum” Book of James, roughly paraphrased) which has a different message to Chick. They say no theory will help you get to heaven, you must do good works, whereas Chick says the opposite. I’m confused. They both seem so sure.

And for heavens sake, they imagine I might wait until my shoes are worn out until I buy new ones? Weird.