Jack London's Future History

Has anyone read any of Jack London’s science fiction stories? They are fairly good for the most part and have humourous anachronisms (ie a plane in 2012 that goes 300 mph is described as "too fast for us conservative people)

Iron Heel: http://www.jacklondons.net/writings/IronHeel/toc.html
Scarlet Plague: http://london.sonoma.edu/Writings/Scarlet/
“Unparalleled Invasion”: http://london.sonoma.edu/Writings/StrengthStrong/invasion.html
“The Enemy of All the World”:http://london.sonoma.edu/Writings/StrengthStrong/enemy.html
“A Curious Fragment”:http://london.sonoma.edu/Writings/GodLaughs/fragment.html

I acquired a collection of Jack London at an auction many years ago, including Smoke Bellew, The Iron Heel, The Star Rover, and John Barleycorn. Don’t remember much about them now – I liked Smoke Bellew the best, I’d say.

I read The Scarlet Plague many years ago, and liked it a lot. It’s an apocalyptic story about how humankind is nearly wiped out by a horrible plague, and how the few remaining people find each other and try to start a new society. I found it online and printed it out and gave it to my husband to read, who also liked it. It was fun that it was set in the bay area and mentioned many Silicon Valley towns and East Bay towns.

It was interesting because for instance when one town was mentioned, it turned out it had been annexed by Fremont.