Jack T. Chick merged with Tim LaHaye?

… or at least, given the number of times Jack Chick’s latest tract says “Left Behind,” that’s what it looks like:


And not a single “HAW HAW HAW” anywhere in sight! I feel gypped!

You’re a bit late.

Dang it! I did a search for “Chick” in thread titles, and that thread didn’t show up! :mad:

Try “tract” next time! :slight_smile:

I noticed that, too. I can only assume Chick is a fan.

The thread title gave me a mental picture of Tim and Jack “merging” while Beverly LaHaye stands over them wearing black leather and holding a whip.
I don’t feel so good right now…:eek:

And I was thinking of them merging like a scary fundie version of Voltron.



Maybe I’m just confused. We’re supposed to take an anti-Catholicism message from an ex-priest named Damien?

But of course! Because … um … the priests in the Omen movies were Catholic, and therefore everything the movie said must have been a lie made up by Satan. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket.

I wonder what would happen if Jack Chick and Fred Phelps were ever locked together in the same room.

The priest is supposed to be Damien Karras, from The Exorcist. (Not that that makes any more sense…)

BTW, I found this nice article on the Mysteries of Chick:


And while we’re at it, I can’t help but post a link to Texe Marrs’ frothings re Columbia:

Flying Tower of Babel

(Check out the “Eagle Has Landed” link. Not only did those damn Masons fake the moon landings, but Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong claimed the moon in the name of Freemasonry once they got there!)

Oh, that is choice!

“Mankind’s seven representatives rose up in a powerful fiery vehicle whose very name, Columbia, the name of the ancient earth goddess, mocked the one true God and Lord, Jesus.”

And all this time, I thought Columbia was named after Christopher Columbus. :rolleyes:

It’s a pretty bizarre example of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy, too.

1.) God destroyed Columbia, because it was full of heathens.

2.) But two of the astronauts were Christians.


Those astronauts weren’t true Christians.

GOD is Mexican! It says so in LEVITICUS! And the Aliens WANT TO KILL GOD, BUT I WON’t let THAT happen!

I did… snicker laugh guffaw Did you notice this little piece of illogic… ?


So, which one is true? If we didn’t go to the Moon, then Buzz Aldrin couldn’t have conducted secret Mason rituals there.