Jaffee's MAD Fold-Ins in Flash, plus an article

I tried to make this into a Fold-In of my own, but I couldn’t.

The *New York Times* has an interesting article on Al Jaffee, the artist who’s been drawing the famous back cover Fold-Ins for MAD for over 40 years…and as you can see, he’s still at it. The neatest thing about the article is some highlights of Jaffee’s work over the years in Flash that you can actually fold in yourself, showcasing many of the jokes he’s made over the years. Many of those highlighted, including “What can we expect from the political candidates…,” “What’s the one thing most school dropouts are sure to become?,” and “What musical group has surpassed the achievements of The Beatles?” still ring true today. Although perhaps dated, “What deadly missions are more and more servicemen voluntarily going on?” made me laugh a lot, and “Which modern artist…” is a nice tribute to a great artist who really did speak to a lot of people.

I loved the foldins! Man, it has been years since I’ve seen a Mad magazine.

In keeping with the topic of this thread, here’s a link to Beck’s video for “Girl” which is a homage to Jaffee’s Fold-Ins.

The last one was hilarious!

The MAD CDs and DVD that have all issues up to a year or so ago have all the fold-ins, anf you can view the folded-in version as well. But it’s not as glitzy as this interactive version.


It’s a good example of the fake-out that Jaffee often does (as is the Beatles one, which implies the answer is New Kids on the Block). There was one a few months ago which amused me, something like “Which unqualified goofball is thankfully ineligible to run for President in 2008?” The image and words next to it (“truthiness,” etc.) imply Stephen Colbert, but only when you fold it in do you get the real answer: Bush.

And then there was that silly spoof Jaffee did for America: the Book where the picture is of Nixon and the answer is also Nixon. It’s nice to see he can make fun of himself, too.

“The al-ighty ollar? Oh, I get it!”