James Brown or Bowie? Who wrote this song?

In 1975 (or thereabouts) Both James Brown and David Bowie released songs that are basically clones.

James’ version is called "Hot (I Need to be Loved, Loved, Loved).
Bowie’s is called “Fame”.

I own both and one is a shameless rip-off of the other.

Release dates in and of themselves are useless since a song can sit in the can for periods of time before seeing light of day.

Googling gives contradictory info.

So do anyone have the definitive answer? Say maybe one artist settled with the other?

So sayeth the All Music Guide:

And yet more from the same (about “Fame”):

It would appear Alomar ripped himself off.

*“Based upon a riff which guitarist Carlos Alomar appropriated from early-‘60s R&B band the Flames’ “Footstompin’,” *”

And since James Brown was billed as “James Brown and the Flames” in the early 60’s, the plot continues to swirl and thicken… Did Alomar rip James Brown off before he ripped himself off? Or not. :headache:

  1. “Footstomping, Pt.1” was by the Flares.

  2. James Brown’s 50’s/early 60’s band was called the Famous Flames. The Famous Flames played rock & roll and Rhythm & Blues. Brown’s 70’s band was called the JB’s and they played heavy funk.

  3. Carlos Alomar wasn’t in the Flares or the Flames. He was in Bowie’s band and did write one third of “Fame” (I’m guessing that it was the funky part) with Bowie and Lennon. He did work with James Brown but went back to Bowie.