James Earl Jones _is_ the Man.

(Stolen shamelessly from Digg, who took it from DoubleViking)


Damn. Just…damn.

“As originally taped, Jones took long pauses between letters, because the idea was to insert other elements between the letters. But Jones, as you can imagine, cut such a compelling figure that the Sesame Street producers left the film as it was and played it over and over again for years…‘What we noticed was that the first time through, kids would shout out the name of the letter after Jones did…After a couple of repetitions, they would respond to the appearance of the letter before he did, in the long pause. Then, with enough repetitions, they would anticipate the letter before it appeared[’]…At CTW, the idea of learning through repetition was called the James Earl Jones effect.”- The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (Little Brown, 2000), pp. 124-125

Which proves even more how awesome he is. (Although, as he pointed out in an interview, he commented that “kids would be terrified” of the Muppets when Sesame Street started. No one’s perfect, I guess.)

Truer than you might have known.

I’ve been looking for that movie for years, but never come across a copy (even ebay failed me). Sigh…

I must link to the most awesome pile of pure awesomeness ever to appear on the net. First time I watched it I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath.

I have a copy.

Copyright law is soooo inconvenient. Pity there isn’t a movie equivalent of abandonware…

You’d think that Obama would be reason enough to rerelease it.