James Watson

Mmm. Chocolate croissants.

Florescent lights are lovely…

Jesus, this is the most foldable cocktail umbrella of my life.

I am the sandwich.

The song “Kid A” by Radiohead scares me late at night.


You know what I like? Monkey butlers who bring me pie.

When come back, bring pie.

You know, the first time I had ever eaten pie was this May.

You are the sandwich?

There’s an achievement. Rarely has humankind managed to achieve oneness with its comestibles.

So, what’s it like to be the sandwich? And what kind of sandwich are you? Tuna salad, chicken salad, baloney and swiss, Carribean marinated tofu with alfalfa sprouts? Knuckle?

You know, for a minute I thought this was some weird form of witnessing, cos I read it as Jesus is the foldable cocktail umbrella of my life.

Is being the sandwich anything like being the eggman?

Mudshark, I was thinking that, myself.

I’ll be the walrus, if you’ll be the egg man.

Okay. I am the eggman.

If Mudshark and Gadfly managed to mate and produce young, would one of them give birth to an egg sandwich?

More importantly, if Gadfly and Scribble produced young, would it be a walrus sandwich?

Still more importantly, if you and Scribble produced young, would one of you get to lay a walrus egg?

Hey–maybe all you guys (Mudshark, Orange Skinner, and Gadfly) could get together with me and contribute some of your genetic stock to form a chimera–a lovely walrus and egg sandwich with a side of citrus salad.

Whaddaya say?

And would that sandwich have worms in it which vastly increased your intelligence?

Hmm…if it weren’t for the fact that our offspring was going to be ritualistically cannibalized, I’d be up for an Assorted Foods and Aquatic Life Orgy. Ah, what the hell I’m up for it–even if the offspring is ritualistically cannibalized.

And it would be you know…who can say no to a walrus egg sandwich with a side order of citrus salad? (Especially Tuckerfan gets involved and it’s served on a lovely wind-generator).

…See, this OP was supposed to be about baked goods.

Gadfly, this is what you get if you post while half-asleep!

If you’ll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal.

Wait a second! I thought Jesus was an air-conditioner!
[sub]Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this…[/sub]