Jan 6 ceremony and NO members of the republican party attended except:

What snark? You did beat me to it! I should have probably added a :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: after my Dammit.

And a good case against: If the commission (or whatever it is) falls under GOP control, they could apply the screws to CNN and MSNBC with no basis whatsoever in fact. And you know they would.

That in and of itself is a sign that the underlying social contract is no longer being upheld. And I think that is where the focus should be. Not on content per se but on the fact that the rules that were once established are no longer being played by, by one party in particular, and that that’s problematic.

But this is so painfully easy for the US Right Wing to refute:

Yeah. You mean liberal indoctrination.

Math, science, literature, language, logic, etc., etc., were never looked at as ‘partisan’ through the long lens of history. Whatever you like about where you live, the above subjects had much to do with their existence.

But now … yes … in this incredibly propagandistic and demagogic landscape (not only the US but the foreboding strengthening of other ‘populist’ regimes with ‘strongman’ leaders around the world) they’re demonizing anything and everything that ever got us anywhere.

The military would applaud this whole approach as highly effective PsyOps (psychological operations), just to bring it toward your profession :wink:

Again, though, this is pretty easily refuted by the Right:

So the Left has dominated the media, higher education, literature, and entertainment since time immemorial, controlling the entire American narrative and putting their spin on everything that every American has consumed in 200 years, and now – now that Conservatives have access to another perspective – you want to shut us down.

As always, I don’t subscribe to any aspect of this argument, but you can be sure it’s the argument you’ll get.

I consider ALL human behavior worthy of study in that respect. That gives me the perfect excuse for considering all media I consume as professional literature :wink:

When it comes to PsyOps /mind control, that basically starts with undermining or ridiculing critical thinking, yes. If you read Steve Hassan (for the cult variant of mind control) or Robert Jay Lifton (for the military variant) that’s what underpins it. Stamping out or not developing a mind of one’s own. Putting the pressure on to conform until the personality gives way to the cult persona. Or preventing a personality from developing in the first place.
You only need to look at the role schools have been playing in breeding terrorists in the Middle East. Poor people who leave their children in a madrassa that offers free education/learning to read and write, and are absolutely shocked to find their children indoctrinated in hateful Islamism and ready to go on jihad. In Holland we have the constitutional Article 23, which provides us with freedom of education. We have hard-core Calvinist schools that teach their children that homosexuality is a sin, that women are complementary to men instead of equal and that God trumps the law, and everyone who thinks differently is surely going to hell. We now have a far right politician who is preparing to fund his own schools where children will be indoctrinated in white supremacism. Christopher Hitchens was eerily prescient, as usual, when he described the great challenge of our times as Enlightenment vs. Dark Ages. That’s what it boils down to. And we can lose this battle pretty quickly if we’re not really careful.

I’m afraid you’re right. Homegrown Dark Ages against Enlightenment.

When it comes to my profession, on a slight sidenote, psychiatry is hands down the most easy medical profession to politicize. In fact, we have a history of that. That’s why I always ask my students to look up both Drapetomania and Sluggish Schizophrenia on Wikipedia, because they are usually reluctant to believe this actually happens in science. I think that kind of knowledge greatly informs my outlook and interest. That and a life long fascination with the ability of man to lie and swallow lies.

Well, in Virginia many voters thought it was safe to vote for a Republican that claimed he was not Trump, but he won in large part thanks to promises to keep the death cult going. Too bad that was not just rhetoric.

The new Republican lieutenant governor is just the same.