Jan 6 ceremony and NO members of the republican party attended except:

Former VP Cheney and his daughter Rep Cheney. How despicable is this? For me, as a republican well into my 60’s, I find this unacceptable and is so telling of this party. My disgust for the leadership aside, of both parties, I am still dismayed no one else from the party attended this event on Capitol Hill.

So, honest question here:

Since, as you say, you find this “unacceptable” and “despicable” will that affect whether or not you identify as a Republican going forward, and do you think it might affect how you vote in the future?

It will make me reconsider who I may and may not vote for. I have voted strongly R for all of my life but my state has had a few state senators that I fully supported and were very much for the people of VA and not just for the D side. But as it stands now there is a better chance of me voting Independent but this of course means a vote for no one. Politicians on both sides have turned my stomach over recent years so I am in a quandary. Youngkin (incoming Governor in VA) received my vote as Terry M never impressed me before as VA’s governor and still was not impressing me.

I’m slightly surprised Kinzinger didn’t make it.

Good for you not joining the cult. There is ample room in this country for conservative thought and honest debate. The GOP needs more people like you to raise a voice - it’s the only way the cancer can be removed.

And, welcome!

Dickless Cheney showed up, apparently under his own steam. I figured him for a wheelchair full time.

In my opinion, January 6th was a worse attack on the US than September 11, and I was in the city that day. September 11 was a horrific terrorist attack that killed thousands and led us down a path to spill too much more blood and treasure. In no way, though, was September 11 an existential threat.

January 6th was an existential threat to this country, led by one of only two viable parties in this nation, and perpetrated by scum who call themselves patriots.

Can you imagine if the one of our two parties sat out on September 11 commemorations or hearings? That’s what the Republicans, other than Liz Cheney, did yesterday. They boycotted a commemoration of one of the most dangerous, existential threats to this nation.

One cannot be a Republican and still love this country. That party attacked this nation and defended the actual perpetrators and obfuscated the facts. Read what some Republicans said that day and how they’ve changed their tune. It’s Trump and Party before country, and that is not how a political party should operate.

It’s okay to leave a blank on the voting form.

If you fill out every box then for each race with two bad options you’re going to get someone elected with the seemingly full support of the general public (or at least more than 50% among those who voted).

I think of it like Communism. Work hard and do your job right? Sure, we’ll pay you. Slack off, skip out on work, make a lot of babies? Awesome! We’re going to pay you, too, plus extra for all the kids!

Voting for someone is a reward. Seeing that someone had greater than 50% of the vote gives them legitimacy. It makes others think that there must be some reason that everyone voted for that guy who the news says was taking money, and they should do the same. It discourages others from thinking that they should try to compete for the position with that person.

If there are only two bad options on the voting form, yeah, one of them is going to get the job but if they got it with 5% and the other guy had 4%, you can bet that someone better is going to show up during the next election and everyone’s going to recognize that nothing that previous guy did should be viewed with much legitimacy.

Everyone is desperately trying to convince themselves everything is normal, but The Big Lie is the official republican narrative, and they essentially are pro-insurrection. They’re basically flaunting their coup in our faces and we’re doing nothing but pretending everything is fine.

People are going to look at the history books in 10 or 20 or 30 years and say “but after the republicans made their first insurrection attempts… no one did anything and no one seemed to be concerned that they were still openly planning another one, why didn’t they do something?” - what’s your answer going to be?

Too busy Tik-Tok’ing.

That’s what I said when I was voting libertarian but when one of the traditional parties is actively trying to dismantle democracy in this country it’s time to vote for the other one.

Hold your nose if you must, but vote, dammit!

Hey! I ranted in this very thread! What more could I do?

If the Republicans get their way the history books(or at least the history books that Americans will have access to) will say no such thing.

I will argue to the death you are wrong on this one. Yes, Jan 6, 2021 was a sad day for us but there is NO comparison. I worked the Pentagon scene for several days as a I was still an active LEO in the DC area. I have LE friends from NYC and area who worked the Twin Towers scene. They lost friends there that day as did some folks I knew back here in the DC area. The overall brutality and carnage of 9/11 is the most atrocious thing this country has seen in years and maybe ever.

This here is what upsets me and many conservatives I know. To make this comment just leaves me out in the cold and want nothing to do with your argument as you’ll just be one to attack. You really believe the actions of democrats around the country, especially some of the hurting cities, truly love this country yet they let it fall into chaos in their own cities? I could argue both sides have their issues until I am blue in the face but my guess you do not see the issues on the left’s side.

I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re conservative and still support the Republicans, you’re supporting a party that has worked to overthrow democracy in this country.

Nothing the Democrats are up to compares to this. The “chaos” in the cities is head and shoulders better than it was in the 70s and 80s. It can be better, for sure. But, that’s not an existential attack on our founding principals. I know this because no one considered it an existential attack back when cities were much, much worse. This inner city chaos stuff is just another partisan attack by your terrible news sources.

Republicans may claim to love this country, but their actions say otherwise. They encouraged and supported an insurrection against America, and now they are pretending it never happened, all while passing laws that will make it even easier to overturn the will of the people.


Mein Führer I can fuck!

Apparently, he was back home because his wife is having a baby soon.

Yeah, he tweeted out support for the events and apologized for not being there.

The problem is that arguing “both sides have issues” ultimately just benefits the side that is worse. You wind up having to try and equate things that aren’t actually similar.

BLM is a protest against a legitimate issue—of police violence disproportionately affecting black people. Cops to this day still act like a black person is more likely to be a criminal. Yes, a very small percentage of those protests got violent. But Democrats were united in condemning that violence.

On January 6, 2021, followers of former President Trump staged an armed insurrection against the United States government, trying to overthrow the US Congress and force them to install the loser of the election as president. They had no legitimate grievance. Investigation after investigation proved there was no fraud in the election. We caught them with guns, saying they planned to kill various Congresspeople. Others had plans to try and hold them hostage.

If they would have succeeded in their aims, the United States would no longer be a democracy. That’s very different from police reform.

And do Republicans repudiate all of these people? No. They’re still trying to appeal to them. A year later, and only one Republican is willing to stand up and treat this as an actual tragedy. Republicans fought against investigating what happened. We’ve found multiple Republicans that were involved in it.

You can point out that Democrats have problems. But the second you try to equivocate between the Democrats and Republicans, you’re only helping them get away with it.

That’s why “both sides” is not a good way to argue.

You want to argue that you’re remaining a Republican to try and fight to fix the party from the inside, then I salute you. But if you want to pretend that both sides are equally bad, then you’ll never accomplish that.

Yes, that kind of talk does no good - not from EITHER side of the aisle. Demonizing either political party is not, to me, acceptable.

Focus on actions - a Republican did not participate in Jan 6 and does not support it? OK by me. A Democrat did not riot and does not support anarchy? OK by me. There’s a bunch of folks who disagree with the best way to run the country but all of them agree that burning the place down and/or building a gallows is the way to do it. Unless we can find common ground we’re in big trouble.

There is a difference between Republicans as a whole and Trumpists, at least at this point. Don’t tar all Republicans with the actions of a sub-set, otherwise you’ll give them nowhere to go but towards the Trumpists. Keep the guilt with the guilty.

Any Republican who denounces Jan 6 and refuses to repeat the Big Lie is an ally, not an enemy. Don’t back them into a corner and give them no way out or you will make an enemy.

And for people on the other side of the aisle - stop tarring all Democrats with the “sins” of a few of them. Again, don’t tar the whole based on the actions of a few.

Actually, more than one has. What have you done to support them? Encourage them?

I don’t refer to JUST the elected officials. Plenty of on-the-ground Republicans have been aghast at what happened. Do you support them in telling the truth or attack them because of the label they share with criminals? That’s what the other side wants you to do, to justify it when they give their group another Big Lie saying that they’ll never be welcome on the other side of the aisle so stick with Trump and the Big Lie. No, I want to “corrupt” them into being decent human beings.

I’m opposed to anyone who supports Trump and the Big Lie. I’m OK with anyone opposing them regardless of label.