The Republican Party is the Party of Evil

It has become abundantly clear that of the two major parties, one is fighting to help people and cares about human life, and the other does not. The Republican Party under Trump has become the party of spite, racism, meanness, hatred, and indifference.

The Democrats are fighting for a comprehensive economic aid package to help every American recover from the effects of the pandemic. The Republicans are fighting it.

The Democrats are urging to continue masking in public until a substantial portion of the population is vaccinated, especially all the most at risk. The Republicans are rescinding mask orders and opening everything fully without a care in the world that the new variants are more contagious, potentially more deadly, and some can reinfect people who have previously had covid.

The Republicans are courting white supremacists, going so far as to Headline a conference white supremacist conference.
Paul Gosar cozying up to AFPAC was bad. What happened next was worse (

Democrats are trying to increase voter participation and reach minorities and disaffected groups. Republicans are trying to curtail access to voting and reduce voter participation, purely for political advantage. For them, less democracy is good.

Donald Trump resisted and undercut all efforts to limit the spread of covid19. His one good action was advocating a streamline to get vaccines faster. Which he then promptly weakened credibility by visibly trying to block safety measures for speed. Joe Biden has used the Defense Production Act to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine produced by a competitor to speed up access. He has advocated and still advocates masking in public, listens to rather than belittles science advisors like Dr. Fauci, and just moved teachers and child care workers to prioritize them for the vaccine.

The Republicans have supported and fostered crazy conspiracy theory ideas to create a culture that felt compelled to commit insurrection to stop democracy. And they continue to defend the lies that made the insurrection happen. They continue to stir up the crowd.

While advocating for Black Lives Matter and police accountability and rooting out systemic racism in law enforcement, Democrats have repudiated the violence of anti-police protestors and called for peaceful protest through civil disobedience, but not riots and property destruction and looting. Those have been condemned.

I’m sure there are more things that I could list, but the above makes the case. It’s time for the Republican Party to be disbanded. Any reasonable conservative should abandon the party and start a new one. Yes, you will lose power for a while, but you will help improve the country by changing the landscape and the discourse for the better. In the end, true conservatism could make a comeback not hampered by the need to feed a shrinking demographic of white supremacists and conspiracy junkies.

I would say that the Republican Party is the party of “I’ve got mine, Jack, and I’ll do anything to keep it (and get more).” That really includes and accounts for all that other stuff.

Sure, on board with the OP.
Trying to think of any good the GOP have to offer, or represent.
Amazing how just about every concievable thing they stand for (what fucking little there is that they stand for) is so diametrically the fucking opposite of where I stand.
But that aside…the heavy word “evil” is becoming less and less heavy and melodramtic a word to use for them as time goes on, to be sure.

I understand the frustration but this kind of nonsense needs to stop. In general they are not evil (although some certainly are) and with the rise of Trump they are at their nadir but what they really are is the Party Against Everything You Hold Dear. That doesn’t make them evil.

Right now, on some conservative board, someone is complaining that the Democratic Party is evil because they support abortion, wealth redistribution, gun control, and minority riots. They’re just as wrong.

In general, people argue that their own party is incompetent while the opposing party is evil.

It’s generally, “The other side is motivated by evil and a hate of all that is good, yet our side mounts a ridiculously weak and incompetent defense against the assaults of Team Evil.”

As Deeg pointed out, some of the things said on liberal and conservative message boards could be copy+pasted and you could never tell the difference (if names of parties and people were swapped.)

Isn’t this thread pretty much a rehash of this?

You’re missing the point - an increasing amount of them are becoming nakedly evil; this trend will grow.
Hope I turn out to be wrong on that, but not putting money on that.

Those complaints would be a false equivalence, though: conflating those four incredibly weak positions agianst the obviously fouler atrocities that Irishman pointed out in his OP doesn’t strike me as convincing.

Both parties aren’t equal. The GOP is directly responsible for around half of our COVID deaths by letting Trump flap his arm wattles as president. They had every opportunity to stop his nonsense. To rein him in. But they are so dedicated to their objectively stupid and damaging policies, that they literally put a dimwit con-man in charge of the most powerful country on Earth.

The GOP are a coalition of the evil, the stupid, the ignorant, and the delusional. And many of them are more than one.

Meh, I can spot the difference almost all of the time.

I don’t see it as a false equivalence. Right now I’d say the Democrats are the more “moral” party, given the rise of Trump and his adherents, but that could change. In the late 60’s through early 80’s it was leftists that were setting off bombs throughout the country. LBJ was certainly no moral character.

An easy way to tell, most of the time (I’ll admit, there are some liberal arguments that are bad) is that the conservative argument will assume the listener can’t or won’t reason.

I’d say that holds true for liberal arguments, too. Try telling a liberal that rent control makes things worse for the poor instead of better. Or that nuclear power is safer.

I don’t think people are saying that the GOP are inherently evil. Just that they’re evil, right now.

Maybe 20 years from now they’ll flip flop again, and the Dems will be the racist assholes.

Heh - considering it would take a separate (and very long) thread to hash out the nuts and bolts on this one, suffice it to say we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

Agreed, but I’d lose the quotes.

Sure, but again - comparing the (disavowed by dems) past to the last four years I think is unfair.

Yeah, I’ll go with dems tending to be a trillion times more receptive in hearing arguments than republicans.

A compilation here for both:

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Bothered with only the first article and thought it was complete and utter woo. Velocity - do you think otherwise? I could not spot one legitimate gripe in that whole thing other than James Hodgkinson. Harping “It’s the party of destruction”, at the end, just showed what a ranting buffoon buddy is.

What do you think this shows?

Okay, so they should just disband. That’s fine, but they’re not going to. So, what’s your plan B for 70+ million you’ve painted with the evil paintbrush? A party is only as evil as it’s members are.