Japanese battle mech for 1.3 million $ -- the future is *here* (and looking for Sarah Connor)

So, apparently there’s a company in Japan (where else?) who have developed a 4m tall, 4.5 tonne heavy, fully functional battle mech called ‘Kuratas’. It comes with several weapons, including a ball-bearing gun, but it’s greatest feature is that it’s completely customizable and will be made to order. So, how long’s it gonna be before the estates of the wealthy will be protected by privately-owned robot armies?

Release the Robotic Richard Simmons!

Not much of a mech. It doesn’t actually walk - the ‘legs’ have wheels on the bottoms. So it’s basically a really badly-designed tank.

I predict scenarios like this:


Or else, something like an old sig line of mine:

I was all set to say, “Fuck Yeah! About damn time I have my own Mech!” but then, in the second video, they say, “No smoking in the cockpit.” and my dreams have been dashed. I still hold out hope that someday I may have a mech of my own.

Is this the most expensive toy ever?

My favorite line is when the say the fake rocket launcher, which appears to squirt out water bottles, “will occasionally hit its target”.