Japanese girl gangs

In anime/video games, I often see female gangs which often consist of bizzarrely dressed, mask wearing, chain wielding high school girls involved in unsavoury activities. Is this anything close to actual gang behavior girls exhibit at Japanese middle/high schools? Are female gangs more common in Japan than in the United States?

It’s probably a reaction to all those sexually predatory tentacle monsters that roam at will throughout Japan.

… or probably a wish-fulfillment kind of thing…

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind a bit of temptation, really…” – Lancelot

Girl Gangs in Japanese Anime are like those women’s prisons in trashy American movies. Everybody knows what one’s supposed to look like, but nobody has ever seen one.

In reality there are some girl gangs that are somewhat like the ones you describe in larger metropolitan areas, but they are pretty rare.

Oh, and Ethilrist, wasn’t your quote by Gallahad, not Lancelot? I thought the whole point of the joke was that Gallahad was supposed to be the pure one, but he was actually inviting temptation… (Why can I remember this, but I can’t remember where I left my keys?)

Damn, why can’t we have some hot girl gangs here in the US…

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind being “roughed up” by a gang of Japanese girls.

Yeah, you say that now, but when you’re hog tied and have wasabi dripping out your ass while some Japanese girls is violating your mouth with a strap on you’ll be thinking twice about.

Mmmmm… I’m thinking twice about that right now!

I heard they maintain order and leadership in their gang through phsyical violence and torture. And spankings :slight_smile:

and spankings! and spankings!

While not girl gang activity per se, about 1 in 20 Japanese high school students have padded their shopping budgets through “paid dating”.

A scary thought, even if they leave the wasabi alone.

The clothes and masks are all part of the “scene” - literally hundreds of these girls congregate near Shinjuku Station on Sunday afternoons in Tokyo to have their photos taken by tourists and pervy middle aged men and, I dunno, talk about mascara.

I don’t think they’re in any way violent, however.

Links to photos?

stuckinthemiddle, you are correct. It was Galahad. Lancelot was the one “rescuing” him:

G: Look, as a Knight of the Round Table, it’s my duty to sample as much peril as I can.

L: No, no, it’s too perilous.
. . . or something like that.