Japanese Horror: Kairo

Anyone seen it? Personally, I thought it was pretty good. The first viewing of Ring was more terrifying, but I guess I would have enjoyed it more had I not had to put up with running comentary the entire time. Oh well. I was curious about a few things, and especially the end. (spoilers in case you hadn’t noticed)
The surviving character says: With my friend, I am not alone." But, he’s dead. He’s a little black stain in the corner of her room, trapped to dwell in his own loneliness and despair. So, how is it she’s not alone?
The ghost he confronts in the warehouse (I’m sorry, I don’t remember anyone’s name), who was it? Was it one of his friends, was it a ghost, or was it Death, himself? I took it as death, but no one else seemed to get that, so I don’t know.

What started the whole phenomena? I know the computer program is supposedly what helps people see the ghosts to begin with and helps them find their way “Into our world,” but was it all started by one ghost? I ask because it seems like the whole things was started by one person who videod their own suicide into the internet (hence, that’s why those who watch the web page see the same guy pull the bag off his head and shoot himself). From what I gathered, this person filmed their suicide, and it’s his sense of loneliness and despair that is transfered through the system. Perhaps this helped the “ghosts” find the internet as their gateway. I don’t know, the fact that two people saw the same thing makes me think that there’s some great importance to it, but the fact no one ever mentions a friend committing suicide makes me think I’m pulling it out of my ass. Anyone else got any suggestions?


I was also thinking about starting a thread about this movie. The first half creeped the hell out of me. Unfortunately, it also scared my wife into the other room, so I was left somewhat befuddled by the plot intricacies of the second half. If someone could explain what was gong on, I’d be grateful.

Sorry I can’t answer your questions, Elvis, but one of the scenes that cracked me up was when one character went to a techie to ask about the weird things happening to his computer. When she asked him what OS he was using, I just couldn’t help thinking “Oh, yeah, gateway into the netherworld that sucks everyone on Earth into oblivion, that’s a known bug for Windows XP. Microsoft says they’ll release a patch for that next month.”

Hmmm…I don’t know where the first half ends for you, and it’s been a while, so I’ll see what I can do to catch you up. Not remembering character names makes it kind of hard though :slight_smile:

Well, the goofy guy who knows nothing of computers has his computer start up at least twice on it’s own. Each time, it shows the same room, and a figure sitting at the center of the room with a bag over it’s head. The final time he watches it, the figure in the room moves closer to the camera and starts to remove the bag, but the guy shuts it off. Later, the girl he was persuing from the computer lab sees the same image on her computer, only this time she watches it to the end. The guy takes off his mask to reveal some guy, who then takes out a gun and shoots himself. She then begings to see images of her in her apartment. She turns around and follows the image to it’s source, which is apparently some invisible specter only she can see, but she finds comfort in it and claims “I’m no longer alone.” Later, the guy finds her in wharehouse with a bag over her head. She takes it off, chats to him briefly, and shoots herself.
Periodically throughout the movie, people who see the ghosts start becoming severely depressed and suffer from emense feelings of loneliness. When they become overwhelmed, they become black splotches on the walls or floors, and in some instances, turn to dust. This is supposedly the goal of the spirits that have been haunting the area, because apparently the afterlife is becoming too cramped, so they feel if they can make people immortal, they can save themselves some room. Their method for doing so…make humans feel such intense feelings of loneliness, that they become self absorbed and, thus, immortalized as these strange black stains that are not necessarily ghosts, but are now stranded in “our world.”

Honestly, the description kinda had me scratching my head. I have no idea what it means, so if someone else out there has a better grasp of it, let me know. but for the most part, that’s what happens. Oh, and the epidemic spreads to the entire island of Japan, and possibly the world. Another happy ending.