Japanese hot water dispenser

I’ve been using one several years and love having instant hot water, but just recently I have seen that the interior is developing a rust hue.

Any thoughts on how to get rid of it?

I’m not really familiar with this product so I don’t know how hardy and simple it is, and what you want to risk using. I would start with white vinegar first, just let it soak for awhile, maybe run it through the dispensing process to get whatever is inside.

If you like having hot tea on a moment’s notice, it’s nice. We’ve got one too. Baically an insulated water bucket (1/2-gallon?) with a lid on top, a heating element on the bottom, and a push-button-activated electric pump for dispensing steaming hot water into your teacup. Often equipped with a timer so they don’t start heating water until half an hour before you wake up in the morning.

re: cleaning, head for stores that sell coffee makers, and look for a coffee-maker-cleaning product. It’s stronger than vinegar, and made for clearing out mineral deposits from coffee makers, so it ought to work on your water pot.

Barring that, there’s always a tentacle scrub.

Not sure if you’re referencing my name, or the fact that it’s Japanese. Either way, it helps to practice on schoolgirls first.

I have a “Bunn” coffee maker which will also make tea or alternatively plain hot water. Add a cup, pint or quart of cold water and in a very short time collect a like amount of piping hot coffee, tea or water.


It’s the same stuff you pay a premium for if you buy the “special” coffee maker cleaner.

Directions for cleaning coffee makers are on the bottle. It works great.