Japanese (?) language translation

Recently, I bought a “limited edition” katana on eBay, and it came with a certificate. Not that the cert means much; it’s clearly a mass-produced item, although it is surprisingly well made for its price range. But, I digress. I’m curious as to what the cert actually says, but it’s all in what I’m pretty sure is Japanese. Here is the certificate itself and here is the envelope it came in.

Essentially it just says that “This is a proof that this sword was examined and proven to be a Well Made Japanese Katana.”

Thanks, I appreciate the quick response! If you wouldn’t mind, though, can you (or anyone) show me what says what where? Maybe type on the picture in your favorite photo editor or something. Don’t go out of your way on my account, though, it’s just idle curiosity on my part.

The certificate, going from right to left reads:

Furubushidou Furubushidou
Length 40.81 inches
1, Japanese katana … Nakamura Kosuke
Per the tests of this company we have shown this special sword
to be of the highest quality.
Heisei Year 19 Month 1 Day 28
Japan Furubushidou Sword Makers
Item # 0032

Perfect! Thank you very much.

One would think that if it is a gen-you-wine Japanese artifact, the certificate would have been stamped by the company’s hanko , the signature stamps used by corporations and individuals alike. Is that red blot on the lower right a thumbprint? Maybe it’s a hanko-substitute.

Yes. Specifically, a right one.

Yep. It’s not the standard way to mark your documents, but it’s accepted by most banks and government organizations. Probably safer than an actual hanko, since you’re pretty much guaranteed to be the only one using it.