Japan's Yakuza schism: what's next?

It was big news last month when the Yakuza split into a couple of factions, but I haven’t seen much about it since then; if you do a Google-News search for “Yakuza,” the only articles since mid-September are about a recently released drama featuring the Yakuza.

As an occasional tourist and low-grade weeaboo, I’m interested in what’s going on over there. Should we be expecting to hear news of huge gun battles between rival gangs, with horrific collateral damage? Or is this just going to be a quiet/nonviolent rearrangement of illicit business activities that’s likely to go unnoticed by the average uninvolved civilian?

I lived in Japan for 8 years and learned very little about the Yakuza through osmosis. I only picked up a few basic facts and learned the look of someone who is probably yakuza (yes, you see them).

So unless you really go out of your way to get that news, I doubt you’ll hear much. I hadn’t even heard of the event you mention in the OP.

Here is an article by the author of Tokyo Vice, Jake Adelstein. I haven’t heard much more about it than what he provides here.

Note: “The” Yakuza has not split. It’s always been split. One of the large Yakuza gangs has split.

People are going to hit the mattresses And not just those two factions, others will try to take advantage of it. But not nearly as bloodletting as any of the Mafia wars in US.

Japan’s economics have been in the doldrums for many years. This has limited the ability of Yakuza gangs to expand their business, especially in increasing business overseas. One way for a subgroup to expand is to split off and push out their new rivals. One faction will dominate, the other will arrange protection with it or another group and make a deal.

“Follow the money.”

I’m shocked.
I never thought that the Yakuza would ever have a schism that wasn’t caused by 73 cm of volted steel…

Heh. “schism.” An entire religious sect was created partially due to disagreement on whether to use two or three fingers to make the sign of the cross. Will the Yakuza divide on whether the right or left pinky should be chopped off?

Yeah it’s just one gang, albeit the largest. The Mexican cartels are constantly breaking off from each other.

An image of Takeshi Kitano reacting with shock at the news :slight_smile: