Jarby gets Girly, and now it's fun!

Hey, I thought it would only be fair to start this thread to sing the praises of

NOT having your period! My period ended about three days ago, and I’m telling you…nothing feels better than feeling clean, and thinner

and happier!

And not having to worry about ‘getting to a bathroom soon’ or bringing tampons to a bar, or leaks or stains or anything. I love the week or so after your period ends and everything seems great.

I’m going shopping for pants today, dammit! Tight pants!


There are those of us who haven’t reached that pinnacle yet for this month…be kind, patient and understanding. But our day will come!

But you remember it from last month, don’t ya?


Yes I do. Men should know such joy, know what I mean??

Trust me, we do. If ya know what I mean :smiley:

I liked you better as pcubed, mallards fly south for the winter.

Yeah, and I lost some weight, too, so now I’m feeling thin in all sorts of places! I’m wearing my black jeans, black boots and a denim shirt with a black velvet collar, and damn, I feel sexy!

Jarbabyj–I read your post last week re surfing the crimson tide…I agree–it’s disgusting, but I did the happy dance when my “Aunt Flo” came to visit today. My SO and I were not sexually responsible this past month and I was terrified that we’d–God help us–reproduced. But yeah!!! we haven’t. Tomorrow I’ll be miserable and crampy and strongly addicted to the leftover crunchy pieces from Long John Silvers. But today, I am a happy camper.

Any one else celebrate occasionally when they get their period?

<<Any one else celebrate occasionally when they get their period?>>

Yeah, we used to have Red Velvet Cake parties…back before I gave up on getting pregnant anyways. LOL


Happy cramper?

Ok, so maybe I was overly optimistic.

The black suede lace up pants at Rampage are obviously made for girls who way 80 lbs and under, even if they’re actually a size 10.

So I got a skirt instead, and a shirt, and jewelry


WOOOHOOO new clothes, now you need somewhere to go tonight to show it off.

Tomorrow will be a happy, happy day, um, in my pants.

Don’t none of y’all post a link to that thread. I had the experience of experience of “The Menstration Monologues” live and unedited in Latin class. A man can only take so much.

There are some threads about which the male Dopers should be warned.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

Feh. I read nearly all of these threads. Don’t bother me none.

I do think there needs to be a female mod in MPSIMS, though:D

Curse you, jarbabyj, Curse you to the nethermost pits of Hellopolis! And the rest of you happy campers, too, FWIW. My pants are not happy. [sub]Only a few more days to go, dears…just a few more days…[/sub]

Anyway, happy for ya. Look forward to that same bliss ASAP…
(Curse pants that make you buy size 15 when you’re really a 9! Real people have BUMS, dammit!!!)

I’m always glad when my period ends. Surprisingly, they’re a lot easier to bear now. When I was a teenager, I’d get some nausea inducing, blood soaking, green diarrhea inducing debacles that were truly disgusting. The periods I get now are just a messy nuisance. I guess there are some benefits when you get older. Maybe I’ve just gotten smarter about buying the heavy duty pads and tampons and changing much more frequently. Oh, and the new painkillers rule. Just a little TMI, don’t you think?