Jared Kushner and Federal stockpiles

What authority or medical knowledge or epidemiological experience does Jared Kushner have?

IMHO, he’s a non-entity and has no business speaking at a CoVID-19 news briefing.

Well, he’s already Jewish. That halfway to doctor (or lawyer) if you ask his mother.

As far as the last two, he has none, just like Trump, Pence, Biden, the token female VP he picks, Bernie Sanders, or any other politician.

As to the first, his authority comes from the President who gave him the authority to speak at the news briefing.

He’s ridiculous.

Kushner’s official title is Senior Advisor to the President. As such, he’s a significant part of the Trump administration and can legitimately act as a spokesman for it.

Your ability to attempt to excuse blatant nepotism with a weak-ass tu quoque is not the least bit surprising. Pathetic, sure. Sad, definitely. But not surprising in the least.

You can bet the slimy little toad is going to make a buck off it somehow. Give masks to shell companies, shell companies sell to states for a profit. The post-mortem for this administration is going to reveal corruption on an industrial scale.

As I was recently reminded, we’re supposed to keep political comments out of this forum.

We can only hope that when trump is out of office, the corruption probes follow their logical conclusion to a court of law, then the slimy little toad will get his day in court.

I can’t find the quote, but the slimy little toad has only accomplished three things in life:

  1. was born in a wealthy family
  2. married well
  3. knows how to handle trump

Everything else has turned to shite.

Considering the first few posts, the only place for this is the Pit.

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The OP is inherently political, (and the thread was moved, accordingly). But I would say that the whole Coronavirus situation is inherently political, anyway.

Kushner’s qualifications are his failure with the Middle East, his failure with the opioid crisis, and his failure with other matters. He is perfectly qualified to fail with this situation, as well. Trump was really luck to find this guy.

Pence has actually dealt with public health emergencies as governor of Indiana, albeit at a much smaller scale. So, in that sense, he actually does have more experience than Kushner.

I also feel compelled to add I was not, as a resident of Indiana, impressed with Pence’s skills in that area.

Fuck you and your bullshit “token” comment, you misogynistic asshole.

Anyway, I think my favorite part was when Kushner said that the Federal stockpile was for federal use. The HHS website said it was specifically for the states. So, does Kushner issue a correction? Of course not! He’s a slimy asshole. Instead, they changed the HHS website, because we were always at war with Eastasia.

Here’s one of many cites:

I’m a misogynist? Who is picking a woman as a VP simply because she is a woman? He is using gender as a political tool; not picking her for her qualifications or her knowledge, simply because she is a woman and he calculates that will help him be elected president.

And, he is not only using gender, he is using race. He will appoint a black woman to the next open seat on the Supreme Court. Again, not because he believes that she is the best jurist available at the time, but solely because she is black and a woman. He has cut from consideration thousands of qualified men and thousands of qualified women who do not meet his racial purity test. I wonder if he is using the “one drop” rule or should he appoint a committee to conduct DNA profiles of potential candidates to ensure the candidate is of the correct racial mix?

Who is using women here? Hint: It ain’t me. So you can say “fuck you” to me all you want, but your party will be the one weaponizing gender (and race) in this particular political campaign, not me.

But more to the point, this isn’t nepotism. Nepotism is getting your idiot brother in law a job working for the State Department of Highways because he otherwise couldn’t get a job on a pig farm. Kushner is set for life no matter what. If anything, he is taking a large pay cut by working for government wages.

This is no different than Bush bringing his team from Texas or Clinton bringing his team from Arkansas. Any successful person surrounds themselves with people they trust and take those people with them when they move on or move up. Kushner is no better or no worse than any other government drone that you could put in his place.

This is a nothingburger, but it’s Trump, and its the SDMB, so let’s go on with the Pit Thread with more of the same wild accusations about how Hitler, Jr. is now in charge of the United States.

I don’t know why you guys need a Pit Thread for Trump anyways because you’re allowed to do the same thing in GD or P&E. Carry on.

Hey, shit-for-brains, this is a pit thread for Kushner, not Trump. Dumbass.

You can’t honestly believe that. A man who has shown exactly zero knowledge regarding the proper functioning of government, and who had zero experience in public service is, “…no worse than any other government drone…?”

Are you so in the tank for Trump that you sincerely believe that Kushner belongs anywhere near the COVID-19 response, or are you one of those, “everyone in government is incompetent,” BSABer? I honestly can’t tell.

I’ve learned it is almost impossible to underestimate UltraVires’s combination of self delusion and massive stupidity.

Biden didn’t say he was choosing either of these positions “solely” or “simply” because they are a woman or black. (YOU said that.) You are assuming that because the person is a woman or black they can’t be qualified, even though you don’t even know who the person is.

There is no single “best” person for these positions. There is an array possible and qualified people, all qualified in essentially equal, though, different ways. Clearly, though, you have your notions of what makes a person qualified before you even know who it is, as long as you know the race and gender.

double post

And yet people never stop trying… :rolleyes: