Java exceptions explained

ClassCastException: You need to stay in the class or caste you were born into. Java will not accept dailits acting as kshatriyas or noblemen pretending to be working class. Note the spelling mistake (of caste) that was introduced in Java 1.0 and has not been corrected for backwards compatability reasons.”

CloneNotSupportedException: You are a clone. Find the original you, tell him what you want to do and then kill yourself.”

Now, why aren’t these things in textbooks?

Now that’s just plain silly!

I love the IndexOutOfBoundsException

That’s why Knuth has such problems with Java.

IAmYouAndYouAreMeAndWeAreAllTogetherException will be added to the next release.

Ha! And “Ha!” again.

This is when you need a language lawyer.

NullPointerException: Ya’ tried to make the coder stuffy do sumthin’ here when thar weren’t no here thar. But we dassn’t tell ya 'zactly where here wasn’t - find it yourself, dagnabbit!

ROTFLMAO. Thanks, Derleth!