Java Virtual Machine

I suddenly seem to be having a problem with my IE. It seems that every time I go to a site that has Java on it, I get a pop-up window telling me that I need to download Microsoft Virtual Machine and it gives me a Continue button to download it. No matter how many times I do it, the web page still won’t show up properly and it will ask me again the next time I go to a web page with java. Any ideas?
Also for anyone that know Zone Alarm, would you have any idea why it seems to randomly kill my connection? My connection will be fine for days or weeks but all of a sudden last night I dropped my connection and couldn’t get it back with out shutting down zone alarm. After I turned ZA back on, I was okay for a few minutes and then I got cut off again. Thanks

Did you go to Tools - Internet Options – Advanced to make sure Java VM is enabled (JIT compiler)? Also, you have to close and restart your browser.

No, that didn’t work. The JIT Compiler was already checked. I checked the other two options, restarted my browser. As soon as I went to a site with Java, I got the pop up window prompting me to download Java Virtual Machine. I clicked to continue and downloaded and installed it again. The page still didn’t show up. I figured maybe now that I 've changed those settings and re downloaded Java VM that it might work now, but nope, same thing happend again.

Well, I just went to Add/Remove Programs, and removed a Java thing from the list. Then when I closed that window, I saw a Java icon in the control panel and figured I should take a look at that. Well nothing happened when I double clicked it. I assumed becuase I just installed that Java thing. Anyways, I went to a site with Java (figured I would get the pop up and be able to reinstall) and it worked. So whatever I just did, everything seems to be working now.

Good! Computer behavior can be pretty mysterious at times!

Actually, what it sounds like may have happened was that you downloaded the install file from the net, but neglected to run it before restarting your browser.