Jay Leno have a hardon or something....?

Boy am I glad you were speaking figuratively.

Leno’s been off the air for years. <checks EPG> Hey look at that, he has a show again. I guess that guy who replaced him died.

Somebody wanna get this kid a TV?

Well, he did make that one joke in 1988, besmirching the good name of Michael Dukakis and almost certainly costing him the election. And to lampoon The Honorable Lance Ito? Is no cow too sacred for Leno, that racist?!

Is hard-on really one word? When I see it as a single word, I always think of that big collider thing.

I’ve read he’s a moderate/centrist/Republican, but I also know he’s rather pro-union. This doesn’t mean he’s anti-Democrat.

He doesn’t have a hardon for the prez; he has a hardon for being the unfunniest man on television-- a title he’s very much owning since George Lopez left the airwaves.

I think of that Oscar-winning actress. Marcia somebody. She’s not gay, though.

Leno is completely soft edges, wrapped in foam. I would be surprised that he has ever taken a strong position on any person/issue in his entire career. Of course, like everyone else, I never watch him: Colbert is on at 11.30. I just assumed Leno’s audience are residents of nursing homes who don’t have control of the remote and people who died in front of the TV while watching NBC and the no one has noticed the smell yet (of Leno, not the corpse).

That’s hilarious.


If Leno didn’t skewer Obama, his middle-America audience would accuse him of bias. W was so easy.

It would be bias, and it’s not just to even up the score with W. Presidents have always been one of the big topics on late-night TV.

The facts of life?

In my world, hardon collisions aren’t that rare.

Well, he did say Obama wasn’t constitutionally eligible to be president on account of being a n***a.

I’m just kidding! But really, we’d need somebody who’s seen the Leno show to prove me wrong. So maybe he did say that.

:DTook me a second. . .

I dunno, Letterman focuses almost exclusively on Romney. (Anyone know what the song is supposed to be in the off-key singing clip?) #donthavecable

Letterman is more open about his personal opinions, though.

I like Leno.
Sue me.

I would imagine he is more Democrat that Republican - very much in favor of Gay marriage, agrees the rich should pay more taxes than they currently do, and you can tell when he interviews politicians he pushes a far more liberal agenda in his questions than most Republicans would care to discuss on a talk show.

Yes, he makes fun of Obama and Romney…that is sort of his job.

Couldn’t agree more on, all points. I watch most nights, or at least have it on when I go to sleep, and I haven’t noticed anything particularly over the top. I’m really surprised to hear anyone say he’s a staunch Republican. As DMark pointed out, socially he’s very liberal.

DJ 3000: Those-clowns-in-congress-did-it-again. What-a-bunch-of-clowns.
Bill: [laughs] How does it keep up with the news like that?