Jay Leno have a hardon or something....?

I mean, dude whats up woth all the ridiculous out of place comments on the Prez? Does this annoy anyone else out there…?

Does anybody watch him?

Does anybody know what time it is?

Tool Time?

And what’s the deal with airline food?

I wish you folks would realize that not everyone on the Dope watches US TV.

Nothing’s too obscure if it makes a Staff Report. :smiley:

Does anybody really care?

About time?

I thought it was common knowledge that Jay Leno was born without a penis, making an erection an impossibility.

If so I can’t imagine why.

Nobody in the US watches him, either. Until the OP posted, I was unaware of anyone who watched him.

I don’t watch the show, can you give an example? I would assume that the president is always going to be the butt of late-night humor, it’s pretty much part of the job description.

Is it during a monologue, during the show (does me interview guests?), or on other shows where he is the one being a guest?

Because a late-night talk show host relentlessly mocking the incumbent is hardly a new concept.

Leno is notoriously anti-Democratic. Has been for a long time. E.g., the joke he made in 1988 about “Dukakis” being Greek for “Mondale”.

He’s also a bit racist. (Dancing Itos and all that.)

Put them together and guess what you get?

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Has he stopped making OJ jokes yet? Leno has been lame since. . .well, ever.

Adventure Time!

If he’s really anti-Democrat, there have to be better examples than this. So far it just sounds like a couple Democrats can’t take jokes about their party.

Yeah. I’m curious, too, about how he appears to be anti-democrat. Although, I admit, I don’t watch the cornball…can’t stand him. I still have never heard of him that he is ‘notoriously anti democrat’. And yeah, Marley, it sounds like democrats can’t take a (lame) joke.