Jazz week is coming to Shanghai; any suggestions?

Hey hey, the Shanghai International Jazz Week is coming up, and there are a bunch of acts coming in that I’ve never heard of (I’m definitely not a hardcore jazz fan). Here they are:

Yosuke Yamashita
Tony Kofi
Peoria Jazzband
Eric Roche
Christine Tobin
Nouvelle Vague
Any of them a must-see? I’m not really a fan of smooth, low-key jazz singers; I like bounce and fire, in the Louis Armstrong mold. In the pure instrumental side, I like stuff like Dave Brubeck’s Take Five (who doesn’t?), and my all-time favorite is probably Benny Goodman (for pieces like Sing Sing Sing, Tiger Rag, Runnin’ Wild).

Note that Diana Krall is coming to town as well, and my friend is set on seeing her, and so will I (even though I’m not really a fan). Any of the other acts worth catching?