JC Whitney NO LONGER Sells Parts For Old Cars!

I just got my new JC Whitney catalogue, and I note that they no longer sell parts for old American cars! I can remember perusing the pages of this catalogue, and wondering why there was so much demand for head gaskets for 1940 Packards! They actually had all kinds of parts (engine, transmission, electrical) for cars going back to the 1930’s!
I guess there isn’t much of a market left for these parts…the people who liked the cars of the 30’s, 50’s and 50’s are passing on…it is sad in a way!
As I say, I was always amazed that a major retailerlike JC Whitney had a market for these old parts…I guess not anymore!:o

I agree, although I was never a customer for old car parts. But, it was comforting to know that, if I ever did need a valve cover gasket for '53 Studebaker (or some such oddity), I knew where to get it. It’s kind of like the library doing away with the reference section; you may not need it often but, when you do, where do you go if it’s not there?

Here’s a place to start.