jealous of the cat

I’m jealous of my cat(s).

I wake up early to go to work. I’m not a morning person and I’m usually miserable when I wake up. One or all four of them will be on the bed, snoozing. Its 5 AM. They look up like “Yeah, shut the light off when ya leave.”.

I go to PT formation. On top of not being a morning person I’m not overly fond of physical exertion either. (so yeah, I know, how did I manage 20 and counting years in the army…strength of will, I guess;) ) I come back sore and aching around 0730 (I’ll be 46 in about ten days…getting old sucks). The cats wait by the door basically demanding “FEED US!”. Hey, I know ya gotta eat, but can I please take a shower or get out of my dirty sweaty PT uniform first? Nahhh…they demand it.

Put food in their bowls. They nibble and then go back to sleep. WTF? Weren’t you hungry? You wouldn’t even let me get in the shower in peace and now you don’t wanna eat? (A counter note…at least the outdoor. possibly abandoned cat that hangs around my yard and begs for food appreciates being fed. He’ll wait relatively quietly to see if I’m going to put anything out for him)

I gotta go to work. I get ready to leave. If none of the cats decide they want a belly rub before I leave the house they go back to snoozing, only giving me the “Seeya later, sucker” look as I leave.

I come home. Its the same drill as in the morning. My wife works at night so she’s in a deep sleep. They tend to leave her alone. As for giving me a minute to change out of uniform? HA! Its “FEED US!” time again! And there is still food in the bowl from this morning. How can you guys be hungry? You’ve slept all day! Theres still food in your bowl!

What a life. Sleep. Eat. Play with a cat toy for a bit. Sleep. Bug human for scartches and belly rub. Sleep. Hurl hairballs all in human’s bed. Sleep Eat. Etc.

:smiley: Obviously I don’t resent my cats, nor do I want to be a cat. But man, they sure have some charmed 9 lives. I say this because as I went to work the other day I looked at Patches and Jet Jaguar sleeping together on one of the kitty beds. They looked so content I could only mutter “Lucky freakin’ cats”.

Heh! I got sick the same day as our cat’s wound started to look infected. After he finished work, my husband came charging through the door, “Where is Juno? Is she OK?”

Yes, I’d like to be a cat. Or specifically our cat.

You forgot “puke in yewman’s shoes”

There was a great Peanuts cartoon in the 50s. This was when Snoopy was still a dog and not too human yet.

Anyway Charlie Brown is going on how easy Snoopy has it and how ungrateful he seems and how great it would be to be a dog. Then he sets Snoopy’s food bowl down and Snoopy eats it all up.

Charlie Brown looks at Snoopy and says “It’d be great to be a dog.”

Snoopy now having eaten all his dog food looks at the bowl and says “Gee, I wonder where my next meal is coming from?”

Guilty as charged of a similar offense. This morning when I left the house I told my mom goodbye and I told my dog that I loved him. (within earshot of each other) :smack:

My husband and I sleep in separate rooms, because he accuses me of snoring when it’s clear to me that his snoring is so loud that it wakes him up and he thinks I did it.* The cats prefer to sleep in his room, and in some cases, under the blankets with him when it’s chilly. Two of the cats are mine, and one is his. Bill’s cat knows just about exactly when Bill usually gets up, and will dig Bill out of bed for cuddles at that time. Then he’ll kick Bill out of bed, and crawl under the covers to go back to sleep.

Bill is less than thrilled about this behavior on the days when he’s able to sleep in.

*OK, I’ll admit it, I snore pretty loudly, but so does he.

Oh, yeah, life is good.

I know that cat. I’ve seen her stretched out in the sun on more than one occasion.

My boyfriend is always jealous of my cats. If one of them sits on my lap I will just start petting it, so he whines that if he were to do that I’d just push him off me. I reply, “of course I would you weigh about 50 pounds more than me!”.

We have this exchange every once in a while in my house.

Me, to cat on the floor doing something cute: “I love yooooou!”

Husband, in earshot: “Love you too, hon!”

Me: “Actually I was talking to the kitty, but I guess I love you too.”

Whenever I’m home sick the cats take it as prime opportunity to nap all day with me. Usually Chief takes over the side of the bed where my husband sleeps and he gets tucked in under the covers, like so.
After doing this with me a few times, when my husband got sick Chief ran up to the bed and started clawing at the covers right where Mr. Elysium was laying. He didn’t let up until Mr. Elysium moved over to my side of the bed and let Chief in on the other side. Clearly, this is Chief’s spot for sick day naps.