Jean-Marie Le Pen policy q

Anyone have any websites - preferably in English but I could cope with French - where Le Pen’s exact policy is spelt out?

I vaguely remember he had some really weird Kinder Kuche Kirche-style policies (anti-feminist ones). Just wondered exactly what his position is on women’s rights, and if he toned it down for this election.

Like most populist extreme politicians his exact policy is never voiced. It’s no secret that he wants to close the borders, though.

For the election he put ‘safety, law and order’ first, but that shouldn’t fool anyone.

BBC had this portrait, in English.

His own website seems to be flooded right now.

Here’s CNN’s bio

Here are the main points of his programm, according to the document all french voters received from him (these are the head titles printed in bold characters, not some interpretation of mine):

-Restore french sovereignty
-Restore order and law
-Solve the immigration issue
-Reduce taxes
-Give a job to all french people
-Make family a priority
-Save the retirment benefits
-Defend nature and life
Concerning the exact point you’re asking about, IIRC, he proposes to encourage women to stay home and raise their children by offering not working mothers of french nationality a generous social benefit.
Whatever else I could say would belong to the opinion realm…