Jeans with loafers, yea or nea? (Fifty, male, trim)

Without needing to wear business clothes for the past year, I’ve been wearing jeans almost exclusively, and I normally wear them with either boots or Skechers (Reebok-type sneakers).

Recently I came across a pair of brown Italian loafers that I had almost forgotten I own. When I first tried them with a pair of jeans, there was too much sock visible, and I thought it was just because those particular jeans were a little too short. On trying another pair, I discovered the problem isn’t the length of the jeans, it’s that the loafers are extremely low cut, almost like a woman’s pair of flats (though definitely men’s shoes). So any kind of pants I wear with these shoes, unless they are loose around the lower leg, are going to show some sock.

So … is this something I should wear? It would be a lot more comfortable in hot weather. Or should I consider wearing the loafers without socks, sandal style?

I can probably get some pictures up on flickr.

Loafers normally aren’t worn with socks (just wash your darn feet and sprinkle some talcum powder in there), but if you wear them with pants, dark socks are okay. Never wear loafers with white socks, and never wear socks with loafers if you’re wearing shorts.

Unless you’re German.

Speaking of Germany, I have lived there. I don’t have a problem wearing socks with sandals or loafers, but do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and treat yourself to some nice, dark manly socks from Timberland or someplace.

My first reaction is jeans, loafers, no socks.

But a pic would be helpful to evaluate further.

It is inconceivable to me that any person on this planet would actually care about such an issue.

So, wear what you want to wear and don’t care about others.

You’re fifty years old, you can wear bloody loafers with your bloody dungarees. Good grief.

I’m no fashionista, but my first reaction depending on the rest of your “look” would either be:

“Yuppie-dork” or “Old guy who doesn’t know better”

But that’s just my opinion on loafers in general.

Definitely no socks, but you may find the sweaty-foot-in-shoes feeling a bit disagreeable. If you want cooler feet in summer, with jeans and as casual as Sketchers, I would suggest trail (hiking) sandals. They’re sturdy, cover and protect the toes and are otherwise very open yet manly. They also help you avoid needing a pedicure. (fangly toes - gross)

I do it all the time. 53.