Jeep 4WD systems

I have a 2002 Grand Cherokee with “Quadra-Drive”. It’s now throwing transmission codes (P0740 Torque Converter Clutch out of Range) and slipping between 2nd and 3rd so it seems to be time to replace it.

I guess now there’s a bunch of systems that achieve the same limited slip capabilities with electronic braking. Are these as good or almost as good as true limited slip for conditions other than extreme off-roading? Which systems are good or should be avoided?

So-called ‘traction control’ is not even close to a limited slip differential. It works by detecting a drive wheel slipping and pulsing the anti-lock brakes on that wheel very fast to let the other wheel get power. It’s effectiveness varies widely per manufacturer and driving conditions, but it’s essentially for driving in rain and snow, not off road. And it isn’t all that great even in just snow (no where near as good as having a LSD).

I was in the market for a used Altima two years ago and traction control is an available option on them. I read some reports that said it worked good, others said they actually had to turn it off to get up snowy roads…

it depends what situations you find yourself in. my 4WD Ranger has open differentials with electronic traction control and it works fine on slick surfaces; with an open (non-limited-slip) differential, if one wheel on the axle loses traction, the diff will send all engine torque to the slipping wheel. traction control (as *Hail Ants says) will use the ABS module to brake the slipping wheel so the other wheel can try to move the car.

for actual off-road situations, a true limited slip or locking axle would be preferred, if you know how to use them.