Jeep Wrangler fenders need help...

I drive an '02 Jeep Wrangler. The fenders have faded to the point they are almost the silver-grey of the body, not the black they are supposed to be. I just got some awesome new wheels and tires for her, and would like to get the fenders back to black.

Does anyone know of something I can use to do this, or am I going to have to either replace the fenders or take her to a body shop?

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Per several jeep message boards, you can use a heat gun to warm up the gray fenders, and they will turn black. It last for several months.

Google jeep fender heat gun for multiple reports and other ideas, including painting.

I’ve never tried the heat gun but flat black spray paint works great although it’s a little more work. You can take them off without much trouble or just tape them up to paint them.

Thanks for the replies! It just so happens I have a heat gun, so I may try that tomorrow.

I watch an episode of Truck U. on Speed Channel the other day and this exact subject came up. They suggest painting the fenders with Dupli-Color wheel paint. It is stronger and more chip resistant than other paints, especially those designed for plastics.

I made a mistake earlier. The flares (and bumpers) are not black but dark gray. The paint I have used is called graphite, but other manufacturers may call it something else. Of course, when I put black aftrermarket bumpers on my Jeep, I painted the flares black as well. If you did end up painting them, just make sure they match your bumpers of else they’ll look funny.

My bumpers and top are black, and the new wheels are black and chrome. The fenders were originally black.

Hmm, mine is an 01. I thought I knew all the differences between 01 and 02 but maybe not, but the color difference was subtle on my 01. Here are what mine looked like dark gray and then black.

Anyway, my point was that you shouldn’t listen to me because I might tell you the wrong color, so make sure they match your vehicle if you do paint them :slight_smile:

They may have been very dark grey, but now they match the body paint. I think they would look better black.

I use the tire stuff and like it fine; I haven’t tried the trim stuff.

I’ve used the trim version of Forever Black. It worked great on the rear bumper’s kickplate, but it didn’t do much for the side mirrors (the plastic on those is a really weird texture though).