Jeep XJ Cherokee GPS/bluetooth/CD recommendations?

My 1999 Jeep XJ Cherokee Sport went to the shop. Something like 230,000 miles, and it’s still going strong. Even the paint is in pretty good shape. Since I’m not going to get rid of it, I thought I might upgrade it.

I’ve become very spoiled, having a GPS navigation unit (and a bunch of other things) built into the dash of my Prius. Very handy. And I like the Bluetooth so that I can legally answer calls, and I can ‘talk to the car’ instead of holding a phone to my ear.

On the other hand, the Jeep’s stereo looks like this, only without the CD player. Note the dimensions.

How about some recommendations for a GPS/Bluetooth/CD player/iPod jack/Black Box O’ Goodies that will perfectly fit the original stereo’s space? (I saw one with a DVD player, of all things in it. Good for the front-seat passenger, I guess.)

DIN-and-a-half aftermarket decks are rarer than hen’s teeth these days. Even when you could get them, there were maybe a handful on the market.

It looks like I can find several kinds online. I don’t want to spend $1,500 for a Pioneer one, for a vehicle with a bluebook value of $2,500. (It’s worth a lot more to me, and my Jeep dealer says, ‘Yeah, just try to find one for $2,500! I hate those books.’)

I might have to check out some local car audio stores to see what they have. They always strike me as somewhat seedy establishments.

where are you finding a Pioneer one that size?

I googled it yesterday. Didn’t say ‘DIN-and-a-half’, but it did say Cherokee.

a link would be nice. I only see 1 DIN (smaller than than the opening) and 2 DIN (won’t fit without hacking up your dash) on Pioneer’s site.